Grandmas on CBD: Why Elderly People Are Ditching Opioids, Picking Up Cannabis

The most interesting thing about owning Pure CBD Exchange is seeing the variety of our clientele. This was also the case in my time operating dispensaries in Aspen and Denver, but diversity and accessibility are on another level in the CBD market.

Our site serves customers across the country and throughout the world. We interact with patients in the largest cities in the U.S., the smallest of rural communities, and in vastly different settings abroad. I’ve grown to appreciate the differences in the patients we serve, but I’m especially glad to keep hearing the same thing from different people: CBD is helping. Whether it’s a child in need, a veteran, an NFL athlete, someone at a spa, or your grandma, the feedback seems clear.

Grandma Rose

Pure CBD Exchange : Grandma on CBDThe most interesting case study thus far is my own grandma, Rose. She had a stroke about five years ago and has experienced severe pain ever since.

As an 88-year old woman raised in Tennessee, she has historically looked upon cannabis as the scourge of the ‘60s— something that was far from her world. But user friendliness has reached an all-time high, and 80 year olds have begun to access the knowledge of the Internet. Even Rose began to catch wind of the contradictions surrounding cannabis laws while experiencing increasingly severe day-to-day pain. When my mom originally spoke to her about whether she was truly interested in CBD, her response was, “I’ll try anything if it takes away my pain.”

Grandma Rose was originally captured by the idea of medical cannabis via a pamphlet in the mail, which is the most grandma way available to get involved in the cannabis movement. Equipped with that pamphlet, a modest ability to use Google, and a bunch of grandkids, she was able to make an informed decision.

Grandma knew cannabis could be medically beneficial; she had grown increasingly frustrated with the traditional healthcare system, and she found out there was a way to consume cannabis without getting high. She decided to give it a shot.

She renounced her prescription medication until Indiana’s CBD laws became cloudy, at which point she decided she had to throw out her CBD and get back on medications she did not want to be on. After her state voted in response to unanimously legalize CBD, she was able to get back on schedule with the form of medicine she chooses.

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Pure CBD Exchange : Grandma on CBD

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