Confidential Healing: Keep this Grape LA Hush-Hush


  • Test Results: 23.98% THC
  • Tested By: Desert Valley Testing
  • Instagram: @earthshealinginc
  • Website:
  • Address: 2075 E Benson Hwy., Tucson, AZ 85714

Grape LA by Earth’s Healing Arizona

After a long day at work, I can hardly wait for my evening session featuring Grape LA. This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross of Grapefruit x LA Confidential, making for a unique partnership. The initial aroma smells of sweet citrus oils that only gain strength as the nug separates in my grinder. The buds are dense and slightly moist, with orange hairs hidden under layers of green leaves, resembling its close relative, the hop flower.

The fresh, bright flavor of tangerines is intense, filling my senses as I take my first sharp inhale of tangy smoke. The heady effects come on a moment later, gradually building in my brain like ripened fruit ready to be picked. The sensation spills into my nerves and muscles, silencing my stress and anxiety with sweet relief. Before long, its nocturnal genetics take over and sweet sleep is all I crave.

Grape LA by Earth's Healing Arizona
Grape LA by Earth’s Healing Arizona


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