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Greeley Gallery

Greeley Gallery is somewhat of a unicorn in today’s booming cannabis industry. While most are scrambling to grow as fast as possible, Damian Diedrich’s family owned and operated dispensary is taking the quality over quantity approach. Every detail has been meticulously and intentionally hand selected with quality in mind, from their connoisseur caliber strains and the type of wood used for the display cases to the caring and knowledgeable staff.

Diedrich is a grower with intent. “I have always had an intimate relationship with cannabis. From the first time I was on a farm and consumed it, I knew I wanted a stronger relationship with the plant.” After this realization, Damian spent years developing and perfecting how to “grow the best possible product in the most technologically-advanced way.” Today, Damian’s Trillium Collective is renowned for its one-off genetics and the flowers they produce. Greeley Gallery is the sole outlet for exclusive strains like New York Pineapple Diesel, Grand Master Chem, General Sensi, Grand Master Diesel, and Green Queen.

Truly a homegrown operation, the Greeley Gallery storefront is managed by Damian’s brother Todd, who handles the bulk of the shop’s daily needs. Damian’s wife Shauna, who has a background in homeopathic medicine, makes edibles for patients. “Her approach to healing has always started with nutrition, so for her, making edibles was a natural way to incorporate cannabis into our patients’ lives.”

Damian has instilled his values directly into the Greeley Gallery business plan, employing what he likes to call “compassionate customer service.” The care, love, and effort put in by the Greeley Gallery team is a reflection of their true dedication to healing. “Seeing a customer’s satisfaction with a product that you personally are responsible for, it fills your heart up and it helps you realize what you’re doing is so meaningful, both to you and the patient.”

6512 N Greeley Ave
Portland, OR
Store Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-7pm & Sun 12-5pm

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