Green Crack: Chores Will Fly By with this Energizing Strain


  • Test Results: 18.94% THC
  • Tested By: C4 Labs |
  • Produced by: Omaha Farms |
  • Instagram: @omahafarms | Twitter: @omaha_farms
  • Provided by: HUXTON |
  • Instagram: @huxtonusa | Twitter: @huxtonusa

Green Crack by HUXTON

With an infamous name and famous effects, Green Crack — called Green Cush by some — is as close to a stimulant as cannabis gets. HUXTON’s offering made my eyebrows raise seemingly on their own, and increased my energy to the point I had to make sure I wasn’t visibly vibrating. Also, it makes cleaning and yardwork fun! The buds carry a sweet, earthy pine aroma, but the vapor smelled more like butterscotch and tasted like licking a caramelized sugar maple tree. The resulting minty throat burn reminded me of good kief.

Green Crack by HUXTON

Available At…

  1. Monarch Wellness Center: 8729 E Manzanita Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85258
  2. The Giving Tree Wellness Center: 21617 N 9th Ave, Phoenix, AZ85027
  3. The Mint Dispensary: 5210 S Priest Dr., Guadalupe, AZ85283

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