Green Fire Cannabis

Old Guard Shop Known for Glassware


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  • Address: 1956 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98134

Green Fire Cannabis – Seattle, WA

Green Fire Cannabis gleams—everything here has its place. I was greeted by Morgan, a friendly budtender, who offered me a complimentary San Pellegrino sparking water while we chatted. Since 2001, the building has variously housed successful Persian and then Russian restaurants, a grungy hip-hop club, and even grungier teen club. An extensive HVAC circulation system crisscrosses overhead, a relic from Green Fire’s long gone medical marijuana days of indoor smoking and dab bars.

Green Fire Cannabis - Seattle, WA
Green Fire Cannabis – Seattle, WA

The Business

“We might have gone overboard with the decor,” laughs owner Rodney Krafka. Indeed, an interior designer’s heavy touch is clearly at work. Frosted glass and dark green bongs alternatively dot levels of shelving behind the central bar; the flood of seafoam green paint starts to resemble certain water-themed Alki beachside tourist traps, and there’s at least a metric ton of manicured glass displays. “We made it all ourselves,” beams Krafka. “We built this setup on blood, sweat and tears. Carlos over there,” he notes, pointing to the man checking IDs at the door, “helped me install this wall display here, and he also built our website. Half of our employees have been here since 2013, the very beginning.”

Green Fire Cannabis - Seattle, WA

The Product

Green Fire maintains one of the biggest, most extensive collections of glassware available across recreational marijuana stores in Washington state. Krafka maintains that the company’s vision has included hopes of a cultural revival of the classic headshop since day one. Green Fire wants people to feel like they can come in, peruse, learn and leave—without pressure to buy. Krafka went further, explaining that their shop has no cheap, foreign-made glass: everything is American-made. Beyond assuring a high standard of quality, supporting local industry forms strong community bonds, which is undoubtedly worth more than a cheap outsourcing buck. That’s what Green Fire is about: family and friends persevering for one another.

Green Fire Cannabis - Seattle, WA

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