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Growing Up with Sunday Goods: Being Green in the Brown of the Desert

Sunday Goods Greenhouse sits in the heart of Cochise County, a dusty desert town on the edge of Arizona. Originally built in 1995…



Sunday Goods Greenhouse sits in the heart of Cochise County, a dusty desert town on the edge of Arizona. Originally built in 1995, SG took over this seven-acre greenhouse in 2015, completely refitting the facility with state-of-the-art equipment capable of producing high-quality organic cannabis. Coupled with the accumulated knowledge of the SG staff and their ingenious modifications, such as their track system that doubles as a heating conduit to control air temperature, or the specialty blackout screens that protect the surrounding valley’s telescopes from light pollution, this facility is a powerhouse of progress in the cannabis community.

Not only has Sunday Goods developed an outstanding relationship with the city of Willcox, they have also developed a strong relationship with the surrounding community. SG employs 34 people with plans to hire on as many as 50 more as business grows. One thing is for certain: business is growing. The facility boasts 320,000 square feet, with a spacious 20,000 square feet dedicated solely to the nursery. The commercial cultivation facilities in Arizona are not bound by unrealistic plant counts, so the sky is truly the limit in a facility this size. “SG has the potential of supplying the needs of the entire state,” says Sjoerd Broeks, Director of Cultivation. “But what’s the point of doing that?” adds James, Senior VP. “It hurts everybody. And besides, it’s irresponsible.”

Master/Global Grower Sjoerd Broeks is a Netherlands native with more than two decades of cultivation credentials under his belt. “I was crawling around plants before I could walk,” says Sjoerd. And producing the ‘best of the best’ is no easy task. The SG Team uses a combination of modern agronomics, crossed with steadfast traditions set forth by organic cultivators hundreds of years ago. These practices include compartmentalizing, composting and crop rotation, all in a pesticide-free environment. In fact, certain pests are encouraged—these insects are known as ‘beneficials,’ and they aid healthy plant growth in one manner or another. Additionally, the property has three natural wells at its disposal, one of which is geothermally heated, which are used as the main water source for the greenhouse. The water is distributed through drip systems, misters and even activated teas, which use a balance of organic elements to “infuse the microbes that feed the plants,” explains Sjoerd.

Navigating the world of organic, sustainable horticulture is a daunting task, especially when your crop is cannabis. However, the SG Team is not only up to the task, they have the patience and foresight to see it through. America was built by organic farmers, and Sunday Goods is not only embracing that history—it’s growing its legacy. | Instagram: @sundaygoods



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