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Green Light

Have a good high!

The Place

With those words being said, a hearty chuckle erupted from the depths of Sonny Langdon’s soul and immediately was contagious to everyone in the room. With the biggest smile and one of the best beards in the recreational marketplace, Sonny has been slingin’ legal cannabis since September 2014 out of Green Light. Over the past two calendar years Green Light has been the #1 Recreational Cannabis Retailer in the Eastern Washington region. People from all parts of the dry side of the state come to shop in the clean, crisp, shop with its easy going vibes. Educated budtenders provide cannabis at an affordable rate.

“Good weed, good price, good people”

-Sonny Langdon

Sonny and the crew pride themselves on having products from The Virginia Co. and Phat Panda with all their subsidiaries, but they shine the brightest with connoisseur brands like Fifty Fold, Royal Tree and Daddy Fat Sacks. The product spread makes decision making difficult. The cedar walls are lined with a variety of edibles, CO2 oil, BHO, PHO, vapes, sublinguals, topicals and glass cases full of my personal favorite, cannabis flower. Green Light even has locally sourced, artisan glass available for purchase.

The interior at Green Light

The People

The educated, medically certified and knowledgeable staff at Green Light is a sight for sore eyes. Having seasoned vets like Christopher Silva helping customers with recreational decisions on what to smoke, vape, dab or ingest is akin to hitting a homer out of PETCO Park. While tending to the consumers’ needs, the staff builds relationships with customers–you’ll feel like you fell into an episode of Cheers. Green Light’s employees are the front lines of the cannabis industry, each having the ability to connect with a customer base that ranges from in age from 21 to 75. It is an awesome sight.

Green Light

The staff at Green Light

After sitting and watching the endless amount of foot traffic in the middle of the day when most locations are in a lull, I heard Sonny’s’ distinctive voice repeating in my mind, and he hit the nail right on the head when he said, “Good weed, good price, good people” when talking about his business. Make sure to check out Green Light, and in the words of Jen, a budtender, “Have a good high!”


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