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A Night Of Exploration And Empowerment: Green Lodge Goddess Gathering Debuts in LA

On Sunday night I was honored to take part in a powerful event created by the Stoned Housewife, Maggie Murphy…



From the website, “we aim to unify our strengths by honoring ancestral traditions while creating new ones. Each month we will gather with an array of Goddess Healers who will offer their sacred unique gifts and lead in varieties of Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Drumming, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Massage, Dream Journeying, Healing Dance, and more. We gather to release, to celebrate, and to truly connect.”

This particular Green Lodge included womb meditation and movement for sexual empowerment facilitated by Ashley Asatu, Reiki healing and Light Work Healing from Reiki Master Lauren Unger, a vulva confidence workshop and vulva gazing experience led by me, and finally a “create your own ritual” experience with Shannon from Jambo Superfoods. Mama Sailene hosted the dab bar with delicious flower rosin and the ladies from Quim Rock had a table showcasing their cannabis-infused pleasure topical. Each lodge has its own specific metaphysical medicine for the evening with a specific animal, crystal, goddess, and plant. For the LA lodge, the plant was Red Raspberry, the animal energy was Dolphin, the crystal was Garnet, and the goddess was Hathor. These were chosen to reflect the theme of love and sexual confidence.

Each activity was carefully curated and intentionally crafted to deepen connection – both between the attendees and healers and within each woman in the circle. We were called to tune into our knowing and personal wisdom and to reflect that light back around the circle. It was powerful. I loved watching Ashley Asatu lead the movement exercises while sharing her experiences growing up in a sex-shaming family and the power she has found as she has reclaimed her body and voice. At one point she looked up, slightly sheepish, and said “I know that vulvas are your thing, Ashley, so I don’t want to go too far into this subject” and I just smiled and said “vulvas are ALL of our thing” as I looked around the circle. Everyone laughed. I think it’s wonderful when other educators and practitioners talk about sexuality, bodies, and empowerment. Anyone who tries to claim that something is “their thing” is living in a mentality of scarcity. I prefer to live in a mentality of abundance – there’s room for all of us.

When it came time for my portion of the evening, I had no script. No outline, nothing specific prepared other than wanting to cover some general pleasure based anatomy and then set the stage for our vulva gazing activity. I spoke from the heart, which felt appropriate given the surroundings. I shared about my trauma history and how that shaped the way I moved through the world sexually. I explained that mindful cannabis use has helped me get back into my body, to counteract the symptoms of PTSD that I live with daily, and to help me feel empowered to center my pleasure and experience rather than just being a vehicle for someone else’s pleasure. We talked about the messages people with vulvas constantly receive – that there is a specific look, smell, taste, or hair aesthetic that’s “normal” while variants are not – and how those messages are complete nonsense. I encouraged everyone to meditate on the affirmation, “my pussy is fucking awesome!” and Mama Sailene actually recorded herself saying it for her Instagram story! I passed around a few books with photographs of vulvas in them so that everyone could see the beauty in the differences. As my portion came to its climax (so to speak,) I was honored to have Corinne Loperfido, an educator and collaborator on Pussy Powerhouse events, act as my demo model for a vulva gazing exercise. You’ve heard of eye gazing – this is similar in theory. The model is naked from the waist down and spreads their legs so that the vulva is fully visible. Attendees are encouraged to gaze at the vulva and notice what comes up for them. Anxiety? Shame? Excitement? Wonder? Bliss? There was no touching, but questions were welcomed and encouraged. I saw a few women shed tears. Many shared that this was the first time they’d seen a vulva in this context – as opposed to in porn or in the locker room or when someone was giving birth.


I asked Maggie if she had any parting thoughts on the Green Lodge LA edition. She responded, “I am always blown away by the women that attend because they are literally answering a calling. That’s the intention I put out with each lodge. My favorite moment was when Lauren Unger thanked everyone for showing up for themselves and experiencing each woman feeling they deserve to do that. The energy of the SoCal event was so vibrant and I know the autumn will bring me back to California with some powerful Raven and Rhiannon medicine.”

Hope to see you at the next one!


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