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GreenPharms: Where It’s All About Family



GreenPharms - Chino Valley, AZ

GreenPharms – Chino Valley, AZ

It’s a family affair at GreenPharms’s Chino Valley farm. Owned by CEO Marie Paredes Saloum, “The Farm” (as it’s affectionately called) is 10 acres and has over 75 employees at the site itself, with 200 staff members if you include the GreenPharms dispensaries in Flagstaff and Mesa. Her brothers, Carlos and Marco Paredes, handle construction management and the vertically integrated extract business Mad Terp Labs, respectively. But the familial approach doesn’t end there; Paredes Saloum treats her employees like family, dubbing them all part of the “Pharmaly.” “We know everyone’s parents,” she says. “We’re not just a dispensary — we’re patients, and we care.”

GreenPharms - Chino Valley, AZThe History

Paredes Saloum had only dabbled with cannabis in high school. But after her husband, Arvin Saloum, was seriously injured in a 2008 car accident in California, she sought an alternative to the many pills he was taking during recovery. Cannabis worked. They both had good jobs at the time, she in the mortgage industry and he a real estate agent, but neither much enjoyed their work. Five years later, after establishing an indoor and greenhouse grow, they opened up their first dispensary in Flagstaff. “[This] doesn’t feel like a job,” says Paredes Saloum. “[We’re doing it] for the love of what this medicinal plant can do.”

GreenPharms - Chino Valley, AZThe Culture

Somewhat uniquely in the Arizona cannabis industry, GreenPharms began without any outside investment, which allows them greater control over their products and practices. “We are not just growers, not just owners — we’re patients. Whatever we grow, we’re using ourselves,” says Paredes Saloum. “We would rather spend a little bit more to make sure it’s better for us.” That focus on quality extends to their employees, too. “We look at different things. The biggest thing is that you care about what you do,” she says. “I want people that really have a passion for this and want to be here.”

GreenPharms - Chino Valley, AZ“We are not just growers, not just owners — we’re patients. Whatever we grow, we’re using ourselves.” – Marie Paredes Saloum, GreenPharms CEO and owner


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