Indulge in Grön’s 2:1 CBD:THC Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar

Grön’s 2:1 Chocolate Raspberry Bar

In these cold, dark December days, nothing cheers me up faster than mouthwatering dark chocolate. My wife and I love going to specialty candy importers this time of year to see what delectable treats we can sample and use as stocking stuffers. Grön Chocolates has topped our list this holiday season, and we didn’t need to look further than our local dispensary! By exclusively sourcing local and fair trade-certified ingredients, Grön has captured the progressive spirit of Portland itself.

Their Raspberry 2:1 bar is a CBD-heavy dark chocolate with just a hint of THC. The flavor is incredible; fresh, tart, local berries pair well with mellow, 72% Dark Cacao, and all infusions are made from Certified Clean Green Products. After trying half the bar, which equated to about 25mg CBD and 13.5mg THC, I felt solid waves of relaxation and calm. The hint of THC aided in a solid (but not overpowering) high. A perfect holiday gift for the chocolate lovers in your life!

Grön's 2:1 Chocolate Raspberry Bar
Grön’s 2:1 Chocolate Raspberry Bar

Available at:

  1. Foster Buds – NE Alisan: 7201 NE Glisan St B, Portland, OR 97213
  2. Northwest Releaf: 6126 SE Duke St, Portland, OR 97206
  3. Stoney Only: 10289 SE Hwy 212, Clackamas, OR 97015