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THC Design’s Space Oddity…



20.49% THC | <1.0% CBD | SC Labs

THC Design’s abundant and impressive library of unique strains has cemented their name as one of the hottest flower groups in Southern California. The science behind their herb results in a noticeable difference while smoking, and creates a high unlike any other.

Space Oddity is a true hybrid, with beautiful trichome density, a strong myrcene nose and an extraordinarily smooth finish. With a parental lineage consisting of Space Queen and Blue Dream, Space Oddity alleviates mental and physical ailments while producing an elated and spacey experience. As the late, great David Bowie put it: “I’m floating in a most peculiar way, and the stars look very different today.”

Instagram: @thcdesign

Available at: Buddha Company 2038 Sacramento St. Los Angeles, CA 90021  |  BSE Pre-ICO 2000 Cotner Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025  |  Rose Collective 411 Rose Ave. Venice, CA 90291


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