Grow Sciences: Dedication to Research Results in High-End Cannabis


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Grow Sciences – Arizona

It’s easy to see what really matters at Grow Sciences, as co-founders and co-owners Matthew Blum and Michael Cuthriell, CEO, love talking about it. “I often hear everyone here saying, ‘Our flower, ourconcentrates,’” shares Blum, who is also the head grower. “It is one team, it is one family, operating toward one goal: elevating Arizona’s game to the next level … and being super scrupulous business operators at the same time, and doing things the right way. That’s really what Grow Sciences was founded on … being a learning facility, where we know we’re going to make a ton of mistakes, but we’ll learn and forward the industry, not just copy what other people have done.”

Grow Sciences - Arizona

The Product

Extraction tech, Jacob Karp shared a flower rosinthey’re working onthat reminded me of John Bayes’ Green Bodhi line I was lucky to enjoy in Oregon. Blum then discussed a top-end live hash rosin delight whose equivalent I’m told commands $100-150 a gram in California, coming soon to the Arizona market. Proud of their research and development process, Blum says they toss out entire batches that don’t measure up, refusing to risk patient health. “Transparency is one of the items we sell to them,” he says, referencing the tours they give to dispensary agents and partners. “You can come here, see the medicine you’re going to be ingesting into your lungs, stomach, wherever, and know you’re actually getting something we’re not going to kill you with.”

Grow Sciences - Arizona

The Business

Grow Sciences secured their current facility in April 2017 andmoved in their geneticsline that December. They came to market in May 2018 and recently completed the expansion of their current grow sitebut they’re not done yet. “We are a B2B2C company, so we work hard to have a direct relationship with our customers,” notes Cuthriell, who runs the post-production and executive side of the business. “Investing in our own dispensaries is a natural progression, as we believe we can share our story better than anybody.”

Grow Sciences - Arizona

“It is one team, it is one family, operating toward one goal: elevating Arizona’s game to the next level …” – Matthew Blum, Grow Sciences co-founder, co-owner and grow scientist