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Growing Ivy: Sovereign Rebrands Its Jantzen Beach Shop



Ivy, full of natural light and friendly folks, aims to be the premiere head stash shop in North Portland. It’s a unique spot—standing in the center of the dispensary, you can look out over the clone room and onto roofs of houseboats bobbing on the water. We caught the shop in the middle of a rebranding (they were previously called Sovereign) and they are taking it seriously; murals are going up that lead from room to room, fresh new fixtures, even upgraded clothing choices up front. There’s enough room in the shop to devote a full case to concentrates, and still have room for a curated case of heady glass. Speaking of space, they’re currently building an entire room adjacent to their flower room in collaboration with well-known Oregon brand, DropScience™.

One of the most comfortable shops we’ve visited, with its airy layout, knowledgeable staff and plenty of room for waiting or browsing. The budtenders we spoke with were quick to point out the farms that produced the product. No canned answers, just genuine love for the products and producers. Owner Matthew Schwimmer spoke on being the information relay between producers and customers. Nothing gets lost in translation between production and final sale.

You have to give Ivy props for walking the line between sourcing quality product and offering affordable prices. The driving force at this shop is treating customers well and building relationships in a friendly, laid back atmosphere. Ivy wants to cultivate a strong neighborhood presence, and their layout and product selection is head and shoulders above most nearby shops. If you’re in the area, or looking for a change of pace, stop on by and check out the new look!

Location: 11850 N Center Ave, Portland, OR 97217  |  Instagram: @ivyatjantzenbeach

Store Hours: Mon-Sat: 9am-10pm – Sun: 9:30am-7:30pm


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