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Q&A with Hannah O’Brien of Confident Cannabis



Q&A with Hannah O’Brien of Confident Cannabis

The future of cannabis is female! December is DOPE Magazine’s Women’s Issue, and we wanted to continue to highlight women across the industry on all our platforms. We sent a questionnaire to outstanding women in cannabis — some familiar to us, some new — and will be showcasing their answers in individual blogs this month. Check out our December Mag for more profiles of the badass women you need to know!

Today’s story highlights Hannah O’Brien, director of operations at Confident Cannabis.

DOPE Magazine: Who are some of your greatest role models?

Hannah O’Brien: My parents and the “Call Your Girlfriend” ladies. I’ve listened to the Call Your Girlfriend podcast from the beginning and am a die-hard fan. And Hillary Rodham Clinton.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career?

Work-life balance is one of those things I’m always striving to finesse. I’m fortunate that the cannabis industry focuses a lot of attention on health and mindfulness.

What’s something someone would never guess about you?

I love Nicholas Sparks movies and any ridiculously cheesy rom-com.

What’s your go-to self-care routine? 

Smoking a bowl and foam rolling until I’m rolled out like a pancake.

Favorite “guilty pleasure”?

Homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Where do you see your career/business headed in five years? Twenty?

In five years, I hope I’m either leading badass teams or doing something in the area of research. It excites me to think about where the cannabis industry will be in five years. In 20 years, happy and content.

How do you feel about the industry-wide assertion that cannabis is a female-friendly space?

Nothing happens unless we make it happen. I do think it’s true that the cannabis space makes a tremendous effort to balance the scales and put feminism in the spotlight. But there is still more work to be done. Keep talking, meeting, applying, sharing, asking and caring.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

Famous. I wanted to be a famous singer or dancer. However, my fate was sealed when I got kicked out of church choir in elementary school. I might have the singular worst voice ever, but I still sing all the wrong words to every song.

If you could talk to yourself five years ago, what advice would you give?

Spend more money on fewer, higher-quality items rather than buying a bunch of cheap crap that doesn’t last.

What advice do you have for other women looking to get into the cannabis space?

I meet so many amazing and creative women all the time. It’s so great being surrounded by kickass farmers, investors, business owners, writers, artists. If you’re interested in the cannabis space, there’s surely a corner for you to carve out. Everything is very new and exciting in the company of passionate legacy leaders.

Recommend a book, album and movie you think everyone should read/listen to/watch while stoned!

Read any book of poems while stoned. I recently went through and reread Emily Dickinson and stroked my chin quite a bit. It’s not an album, but I love the Lush Lofi playlist on Spotify. For movies, anything from Disney makes me happy, but one of my favorite stoner movie ever is “Smiley Face” with Anna Faris. I lose it every time.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

“Be resilient.”

What’s your favorite cannabis product?

Empower BodyCare oil for everything from burns to aches to dry skin. Sprig sodas from the medical [marijuana] days. And bubble hash. I recently had this legendary bubble hash produced by Happy Hippy Creations in Oregon. They make the most scrumptious and pure bubble hash ever. The high I had was long-lasting, alert, but calm.

What’s the one thing you would bring if you were stranded on a desert island?

Pen and paper.

What do you hope for the future of the cannabis industry?

As cannabis steps into the legal landscape, I want to see folks from the prohibition days along with the new wave of businesses work together to make cannabis as fair and accessible as possible. Everyone has something they can learn from each other and we have the opportunity to shape the cannabis industry into something admirable.

Fill in the blank: I could never live without ________

Lip balm.

What do you think needs to happen before we achieve federal legalization of cannabis?

In my opinion, federal legalization is inevitable, therefore businesses and societies should already begin to operate under this assumption. Help to plan for the continued release of inmates as cannabis laws become decriminalized. Ensure your road maps and business models plan for the future. You’ll want to be ready and ride that wave. Get involved! As policy gets formed, governments will rely on the existing industry leaders (hopefully) to weigh in on the regulatory frameworks. It’s coming, so get ready!

What’s your smoking/cannabis consumption ritual, if you do partake in cannabis?

I enjoy rolling joints and smoking my water pipe. I enjoy my Puffco during the day, but at night, I like to get all my stuff done, light candles, relax and take my time. It’s definitely part of my self-care routine.



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