Harborside Health Center: Out of the Shadows, Into the Light


OAKLAND, CA 946006

(888) 994-2726

The History

Harborside Health Center is a leader, an innovator and a benchmark for dispensaries not only in the Bay Area, but across the United States. Far and wide Harborside is the largest dispensary in the United States, and for good reason. With a patient-forward mentality and drive to bring their patients the best medicines available, Harborside has repeatedly shown its patients what it means to be a top tier dispensary. From the beginning, under the leadership of Steve DeAngelo and company, Harborside has grown leaps and bounds—constantly improving and growing. This is truly evident in their stores recent renovation and rebranding, proving that the best dispensaries know they need to be constantly evolving for their patients.

The Place

When you enter Harborside, the first thing you realize is its size. It appears to resemble a high-end department store more so than a cannabis dispensary. This is absolutely by design to take our beloved plant out of the shadows and into the light. With the hand-crafted cabinetry and displays, beautiful hardwood flooring and modern yet homey designs, it provides an environment of comfort and serenity for patients—creating a relaxing safe atmosphere to learn about cannabis. The friendly staff are happy and inspired working for a thriving family business.

The Product

Of course the deciding factor for any dispensary is their product. You can rest assured that any dispensary that would spend the amount of time and attention to detail on their look is going to carry the finest medicine available. Harborside’s selection of top-notch local clones are arguably the healthiest I’ve ever seen in a collective. From their concentrates to their flowers, Harborside offers the absolute best medicines available on the market. Some nice touches are the cartridge bar—which exclusively sells cartridges for pens—as well as the express line and kiosk, where patients can use a touch screen in Harborside or order from the comfort of their homes for pick-up.