Harlequin – Oil Baron

Test Results: 22.6% THC, 47.5% CBD


A long and complicated lineage spanning three continents, Harlequin is a strain rich in CBD carefully selected for its unique therapeutic properties. Columbian Gold, Thai, Swiss, and Nepali; these highland landraces all contribute their genes to create one of the most sought after CBD strains.

Therapeutic Benefits

One of the best strains around for those seeking CBD in large amounts. With about a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC it provides the best of both worlds. The THC helps to dull pain while the CBD works its anti-inflammatory magic, and it’s been said to relieve anxiety while keeping the user functional and awake.


Resembling a thick golden honey, the clarity of this oil is incredible. Labeled a pull n’ snap (keep it in the freezer and it’s much easier to work with) it’s entirely translucent. Clear with with no visible impurities, Harlequin proves CBD-rich concentrates can be every bit as beautiful as their THC-laden counterparts.


An herbal scent reminiscent of lavender and chamomile wafts up from the wax paper when peeled apart. Harlequin is not known for having especially fragrant buds but this concentrate is an exception. Soft notes of mango and berries mix with warmer aromas of earth and spice and everything nice.


Slightly sweet and floral, it takes on a spicy component during the exhale that leaves the user with a tingly mouth. It tastes like an herbal remedy; a mixture of medicinal terpenes that is slightly astringent but is obviously good for you. Dabbing CBD can sometimes be harsh but this Harlequin goes down smooth and easy.


With almost a precise 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC, this Harlequin is wonderfully relaxing and perfectly tailored for folks who may get anxious using dabs with higher levels of psycho-activity. With the CBD balancing the still potent 22.6% THC, this can create a floating like feeling from extremely relaxed muscles.


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