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Spheres of Enlightenment : The Hash Temple Ball Experience

Quality Concentrates has teamed up with L.A. pop artist James Haunt for an exclusive line of XJ-13 shatter, featuring the most tasteful packaging I have…



Hash Temple Ball EPC Nevada

Test Results: 71.18% THC | .28% CBD  |  Tested By: DigiPath Labs

The Temple Ball experience is unique, as processing a single Ball is labor intensive. Flower is frozen, then placed in an ice bath; the bath contains a sieve that allows Hash Artisans to collect trichomes needed for the final product, discarding plant material in the process. Trichome heads are measured into microns, then dried and pressed, creating what looks to be fascinating dark brown taffy.

Hash Temple Ball EPC Nevada

Hash Temple Ball EPC Nevada

The end result is then rolled into a perfectly zen, spherical ball—and I had the luxury of tasting. It’s not for the weak of lungs! The Temple Ball delivers on multiple levels. I was shocked at the instant earthy pine aroma that left a sweet caramel hint on the tongue after exhale. I felt the high creep up on me and eventually experienced a semi-permanent head change. The high lasted for some time—a nice treat. If you have a high tolerance, this could be the way to go! An enjoyable smoke that got the job done. |  Strain Name: Temple Ball – Blue 840 | Provided by: EPC Nevada

Available at: This is a brand-new product! Ask your budtenders about availability!


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