Hashtag Cannabis: Where Community and Sustainability Thrive


  • Facebook: @hashtagfremont
  • Twitter: @SeattleHashtag
  • Instagram: @seattle.hashtag
  • Website: seattlehashtag.com
  • Address: 3540 Stone Way N Seattle, WA 98103

Hashtag Cannabis – Seattle, WA

Afootloosenarwhal and its dancing walrus partner are frozen in a moment of nautical nonsense, painted right there on the corner of 36th Avenue and Stone Way North, home to Hashtag Cannabis – Fremont. “It’s the community’s first impression of us,” says Christine Bryant-Cohen, director of marketing and community outreach, “and we love having one of Ryan Henry Ward’s murals to say ‘Hello!’” Hashtag Cannabis’ cozy Fremont showroom greets customers with a layout that appears pot-shop standard, but masks about a million invisible fixes and upgrades that differentiate a new store from one with years in the game. The wooden shelving display units with dropped shelves? Those were custom-built by a family friend after traditional jewelry-style displays began causing accessibility issues.

Hashtag Cannabis - Seattle, WA

The Mission

Hashtag Cannabis educates those who need it most. The Baby Boomer generation endured “Reefer Madness”at ground zero, and elders who endure the chronic pains of aging bodies have the most to benefit from unlearning the false rhetoric from marijuana’s Dark Ages. Hashtag offers this older audience a special, no-pressure seminar and Q&A sessions once a month to discuss the science behind the accepted health benefits of consuming cannabis.

Hashtag Cannabis - Seattle, WA

The Product

Hashtag promotes a greater dedication to sustainability than is industry-standard. Hashtag shelves almost exclusively sun-grown and Clean Green Certified (CGC) cannabis. Whereas recreational dispensaries typically offer just a few sun-grown CGC products, Hashtag Cannabis has one of the largest selections of sun-grown and CGC cannabis in Washington state.CGC operations are less resource-intensive than newly-built, high-volume industrial and craft operations and better for the environment, though not as pretty to look at. Christine Bryant-Cohen credits the success of Hashtag Cannabis to the owners, Jerina Pillert and Logan Bowers, and their clear, resonant message about the future of cannabis: that when it’s ablaze, it’s both a torch and a tool for lighting the path toward a better world.

Hashtag Cannabis - Seattle, WA

“Whereas recreational dispensaries typically offer just a few sun-grown [Clean Green Certified] products, Hashtag Cannabis has one of the largest selections of sun-grown and CGC cannabis in Washington state.”

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