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Heady Yeti by Kaleb Folck



Heady Yeti by Kaleb Folck 1

This piece is called Heady Yeti and is the largest goblin that Kaleb, who hails from Eugene, Oregon, has made to date. Kaleb said that he had been envisioning it for a while so it was great to see it come to fruition. He mentioned that the goblin’s colors are technical ones to work with, making the tones more difficult to sculpt. Heady Yeti is currently not available—a lucky collector out there scooped this one up quickly.

Kaleb has been blowing glass since May of 2000. When he was just 15, Kaleb found his inspiration when a buddy of his started up and taught him a few skills. For Kaleb, and for the many artists like him, glass blowing is a way of life as well as his passion and career. “I see myself moving towards more characters with my glass,” Kaleb shared. Both fictional creatures from Kaleb’s imagination and ones that already exist. He looks forward to adding multimedia elements to his pieces in the future—as he has done here with the leather additions.







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