Healthy Living Center

The Place

Healthy Living Center came on to the cannabis scene in Bellingham in 2011, embodying a patient centric mindset with their longstanding mantra of “live better, feel better.” Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast looking for in-depth strain information or an 80 year-old grandma being referred by an oncologist, their private, one-on-one consultations at the heart of Healthy Living Center are a unique blend of professionalism and pure information. While their passion has always been the patients, all 21 and over are welcome here.

The People

Healthy Living Center is the brainchild of brothers Todd and Eric Russell; where Todd focuses on the day-to-day operations and Eric focuses his talents in the garden. Talking with these brothers, they’re quick to note that they are “extremely passionate about cannabis use.” While they got into the industry through the medical side, they are undoubtedly excited about merging with the recreational arena and bringing their professional and high-quality view of cannabis to a wider base of individuals. Their team is rounded out by seven other employees who are all on salary and receive benefits; they’re solidly professional and extremely knowledgeable about the plant.

The Plants

Healthy Living Center cultivates approximately 50-70% of their cannabis in-house. Signature strains not to be missed are their CBD-rich Harle-Tsu, a healing 12% CBD/8% THC blend born from parents Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. Sativa lovers should check out the Blue Dream and Bay 11 cross known as Bay Dream. For visitors that are looking for something beyond the bud, Healthy Living Center is also features a wide variety of alternatives, including concentrates from Nitro Honey, edibles from Sensi Sweets, topicals from Kush Creams and transdermal patches from Mary’s Medicinals.

2118 James St.

Bellingham, WA