Our Hearts Go Out to Vegas

Our hearts go out to the people of Las Vegas today. DOPE would like to offer our deepest condolences to anyone who has been affected by this tragedy, in what has turned out to be the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.

We are not just a company with a branch in Las Vegas; we are citizens of the world, deeply affected by the violence that plagues our society. We do not wish to focus on the shooter, but rather, how others rushed to help in the chaos. That is what we must cling to.

Platitudes of “thoughts and prayers” can only go so far, however. We would like to remember those who have been lost, first and foremost, and hope for a world in which we never have to address another tragedy such as this. How can we come together as a community today? How can we best focus on togetherness and progress, not divisiveness or despair? How can we prevent this from happening once more?

We wish everyone out there safety and happiness.

Much love,


Las Vegas

Dope Staff

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