Hells Canyon’s Heaven-Sent Fruity OG

Myrcene Madness


  • Test Results: 70% THCA | 66% THC | .8% Total CBD
  • Tested By: Confidence Analytics
  • Instagram: @hellscanyoncannabis
  • Twitter: @hellscannabis
  • Website: hellscanyoncannabis.com

Fruity OG BHO Sauce by Hells Canyon

With spring finally here, I’ve been looking for more happy, euphoric strains, and Hells Canyon Cannabis’ Fruity OG BHO Sauce was just what I needed. Hells Canyon’s heaven-sent concentrates are solventless, and all their pesticide-free bud is grown with sustainability in mind.

With loads of myrcene terpenes (responsible for that sedative feeling), I felt a super heady high right behind my eyes after partaking. When I consume bud with such a heavy terp presence I sometimes get so high my eyes involuntarily close, and this Fruity OG had me flying through the clouds! This was the head high I was looking for and provided great hyper-focus;Call of Dutywas my entertainment for hours. A perfect way to welcome spring!

Fruity OG BHO Sauce by Hells Canyon
Fruity OG BHO Sauce by Hells Canyon