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Hemp Blossoms Clover Honey



Hemp Blossoms Clover Honey by iIndulge

Hemp Blossoms Clover Honey by iIndulge

If you’re like me, you need your caffeine as well as your CBD in the morning, especially if it’s a workday. Trouble is, drinking my go-go-juice in the morning separately from my CBD supplement just feels like an extra step, which is the last thing my already-extensive morning routine needs. Who will save me from my own selfish desire to not do things?

Faster than you can say “ooh baby I like it raw,” here comes iIndulge’s Hemp Blossoms Clover Honey. It’s 200 milligrams of CBD — Ok, raw hemp extract, but c’mon, it’s CBD — and raw honey. That’s it. Perfect for my morning tea or coffee. Does it taste like weed? No, it does not. Does it taste like honey? Yes, it does. No further questions necessary, at least not this early in the morning.

Hemp Blossoms Clover Honey by iIndulge

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