Herbalizer Vaporizer

The next generation of high-end tabletop vaporizers has arrived and you may never go back to your glass again.

The unit is housed in a compact futuristic egg shape body, which lifts like a clamshell to reveal a series of small tools. A grinder card, cleaning brush, concentrate pad, cleaning formula, and a removable stash box that comes with a baggie of peppermint leaves.

Underneath everything, a simple layout of five buttons framing a full color LCD screen was revealed, greeting the user upon opening with a clever series of salutations, jokes, and cannabis factoids. Selecting the first of two functions, Vaportherapy or Aromatherapy, the plus/minus buttons allow complete control with Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature; with a helpful chart that divides heat levels into three zones: Uplifting, Balanced, and Intense. These zones provide the ability to craft the effects of a personal vaping experience. Hit the Aromatherapy button after finishing and fill the bowl with some peppermint leaves. Once the lid was closed, the self-timer naturally deodorized the room, erasing any traces of the session.

The heat source is a halogen light, no larger than the diameter of a quarter and recessed beneath a thin, stainless steel screen. Completely heated in 10 seconds as a full convection vape, it can handle flower or concentrates while utilizing either a silicone whip or a turkey-bag-style balloon. The button that activates the fan to fill up the balloon is also used with the whip. This is a welcomed feature for medical users with compromised respiratory systems, as it gently blows the vapor into a user’s lungs. Ground herb is placed into a two-piece basket, which magnetically attaches to the heater.

The unit is silent unless the fan is on, and is still far quieter than the well known Volcano vaporizer. The freedom to program an exact temperature makes the range of terpenes profiles available soar off the charts. I found flavor notes I had never experienced in strains I had been vaping for months. I tried one strain at three settings: 320oF, 360oF, and 390oF, and experienced a different taste and effect at each level. I also got multiple uses from a single bowl, which will save users some serious coin.

You’ll need that coin too, as this is an investment quality vaporizer, retailing at $600, although discount codes can be found occasionally that lower the price to $540.

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Price: $600


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