HiFi Farms: Review

HiFi Farms

Craft Cannabis with a Progressive Purpose

Whether you’re gazing out across horse pasture at the mountainous horizon or staring at trichomes glistening on a flowering Island Sweet Skunk plant, the views at HiFi Farms are exquisite. In fact, HiFi’s founding team chose the site for its beauty and amazing potential. “We just fell in love with it,” Sara Batterby recalls. “It was a place we could live and work, but also a place other people could come and see what we’re trying to create, a place that could become a destination, an experience.”

“Business is just another ecosystem,” Batterby contends.

The impact a cannabis company can have when it prioritizes sustainability and community engagement inspires Batterby and her three co-founders, Lee Henderson, Cristian Koch, and Richard Vinal. “There were things we were never going to compromise on,” relates Batterby, “and we started to extend that philosophy from cultivation to how we operate as a business.”

HiFi Farms
The Facility at HiFi Farms

Committed to craft cannabis, HiFi embraces the ideals of high-quality, small-batch cultivation: relying on locally sourced materials, demanding the most meticulous standards of care and fostering a deep relationship with the land. “We’re especially excited for the greenhouse buildout to be complete in the spring,” explains Vinal. “We’ve been preparing the ground and it’ll be good timing to phase out the indoor grow.”

This transition, along with a planned solar installation, will help HiFi to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality within five years and, ultimately, to become a completely self-sufficient operation, producing their own living soil and organic compost.

HiFi Farms
The Team at HiFi Farms

HiFi is equally ambitious when it comes to labor practices and work environment. “Business is just another ecosystem,” Batterby contends. “If we’re treating our plants with the utmost care, we should do that for the people who we expect to come and help us build this company.” Their personnel policies, which include a diversity hiring plan, employee stock options, livable wages and four weeks paid vacation, are some of the most progressive in the industry.

You can expect the folks at HiFi to continue to push the boundaries. According to Batterby, “We’re less and less a weed company, and more and more a purpose driven organization doing interesting experiments in how we’re hiring, partnering with the community, and building our brand. We’re trying to think a little differently, and it’s already given us an advantage.”

HiFi Farms
Cannabis plants at HiFi Farms

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