High Country Healing: Growing Medicine in the Mountains

High Country Healing – Avon, CO

The People:

We love the team of highly knowledgeable, patient staff members at High Country Healing. I’ve always had a theory that people who live in the mountains are happier, and the friendly faces I encounter each time I return to their store only confirms my suspicions. As High Country Healing is my go-to dispensary in the mountains, I was excited for the opportunity to take an up close and personal look at their Eagle-Vail location. Upon arrival, I learned the growers recently received 1st Place for Total Yield in the 2017 Colorado Grow Off, a competition where multiple growers are given an identical mystery cannabis strain, which is then tested for total yield, potency and flavor post-harvest—the Iron Chef of cannabis, if you will.

High Country Healing - Avon, CO

The Place:

The Eagle-Vail location has a floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall window view into the garden from the waiting room, giving customers the rare opportunity to see the plants before they’re harvested. At 10,500 feet above sea level, High Country Healing is literally one of the highest gardens in the country. They believe that region and altitude acts as a catalyst for growing such chunky, compact, terpene-rich nuggets. Another thing I love about their window feature is the P.Y.O.B. (Pick Your Own Bud) option, which gives customers the chance to literally lay claim on whatever buds tickle their fancy; once the buds reach maturity, they’re harvested and processed by hand, weighed, packaged and sent off to their new stoner parents.

The Product:

At the High Country Healing garden, aromatic quality and terpene profiles are the optimum focus. Their collective menu includes 50 various strains, each of which are grown in small batch portions and handcrafted to artisanal perfection. We saw the garden just two days before their harvest date, and were lucky enough to see (and smell) the fully-matured plants in all their vibrant, vigorous glory. Head Grower Austin Carlisle described the meticulous detail that goes into growing each individual strain, and made sure we experienced a few of his favorites, including Cookies and Cream, Grape Ape and Kimbo Kush #10.

High Country Healing - Avon, CO