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Test Results: 15.9% THC, .02% CBD


Named after their bustling storefront in Anacortes, the High Society strain is a one-of-a-kind flower that earns its special moniker. The genetics are a secret but whatever produced this offspring must have been potent and pretty. As it is their house strain, it may only be found at High Society and it is very worth the trip.

Therapeutic Benefits

This strain has a wide range of terpenes which contribute to a variety of beneficial effects. It’s relaxing which suggests it may help in battling anxiety and depression while giving an energy boost. The above-average THC content may also aid in counteracting eye pressure and stimulating appetite as well as easing tense, aching muscles.


The compact flowers are almost perfect spheres whose rounded tops bristle with short orange hairs. Its lime green coloring looks even lighter with a thick sheen of white trichomes covering every visible surface. Although the bud structure is incredibly tight and dense, resin is abundant all the way to the stem.


A thick scent of pine mixed with citrus and a little bit of mint to top it off. This pleasantly pungent flower was chosen as the house strain at High Society due, in no small part, to its intense aroma. It has an underlying character of a fancy French cheese, fragrant and sour yet, oh, so appealing.


Smoking a joint of this stuff showcases the complex flavor profile and unlocks the multitude of essential oils. Sour notes of citrus, the light taste of herbal tea, and pine that refreshes one’s palate for a long time afterwards. The taste is familiar, not unlike a Cheese, but there is an enticing uniqueness to High Society.


Fun and relaxing, High Society gives the user an enjoyable mellow head buzz. It is cheerful and stimulates the mind without any overwhelming psychoactivity. A great strain for social occasions as it makes one feel comfortable and talkative. While it is an energetic bud, it can cause drowsiness if used late in the day.

Found at exclusively at High Society: 8630 S March Point Rd, Anacortes, WA

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