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Revealing Hollywood’s Underworld: A Pluto Return Story



Revealing Hollywood's Underworld: A Pluto Return Story

While it may seem like the social and political unrest that seems to be sweeping the U.S. and other parts of the world is a random occurrence, students of astrology think otherwise. Beyond the writing of horoscopes and looking at the psychology of an individual via the natal chart, astrology is an art that can give insight into just about anything, given a time, a date and a location to work with. Whether it be political elections, revolutions, weather patterns, financial trends or even health issues, astrology can help to map out what’s going on here in the present, but it allows us to also look back in time or forward into the future for hints and clues as to how things may unfold in the present.

In the world of entertainment it appear that some unseen force has kicked open the closet door where all the skeletons have been hiding (and in some cases not hiding at all) for everyone to see. With the rise of the #MeToo movement in recent years focusing on how people with money, power and influence have been using their privilege to abuse others for their own pleasure, the timing is almost too perfect for this kind of examination of Hollywood.

Now this isn’t just a trend in the entertainment world, it’s happening in literally every corner of our society, and while there are many astrological reasons why this may be the case, I’d like to focus on the planet I think has the biggest influence at the moment, Pluto.

Even with astronomers demoting Pluto from being recognized as the ninth planet in our solar system to being a dwarf planet, modern astrologers have not felt the same. Despite its distance and small size, we recognize its ability to shape events and even people here on earth. Modeled after the Hades, the God of the Underworld, Pluto as a planet is seen as of awesome power, triggering change and transformation usually by bringing what was in the dark into the light. Pluto is expert at helping us dig into our subconscious minds and release any of the repressed urges that may be residing there. He is the planet of Death and Rebirth, destruction, annihilation and elimination that eventually gives way to regeneration.  On a social scale Pluto is directly linked to the mass of humanity as well as mass media and giant conglomerates.

In mythos, Pluto was the God who kidnapped Persephone, the goddess of spring, from her mother Ceres, goddess of agriculture, after her father Zeus made a deal with the Underworld Lord with neither the knowledge or consent from either women. Thus began the seasons, where for the months that Persephone was whisked away to the underworld to be the bride of Hades became autumn and winter, and when she was returned to her mother on Earth she helped spring and summer flourish. Perhaps if we rescue ourselves from our created underworld, we too can have our version of spring.

So why all the upheaval now? And why are certain prominent people being called out for their actions while others are not? For one, the U.S. is going through what we call a Pluto Return, meaning that Pluto is returning to the position and degree that it was at the birth of that nation in 1776. In this case Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn and in the House of Money, Values and Self Worth. So after 246 years of wielding power, this nation gets to evaluate how responsible it’s been with its use of power to either annihilate and destroy for the sake of money or to transform and uplift for the better, using its significant resources to do so. A casual perusal through the pages of history will probably give us a fairly good idea as to how we’ve done as a nation, and why with Pluto’s Return starting back in 2008 began with the stock market collapse and we’ve been attempting to sort things out ever since, while also getting an eyeful of all the darker more sinister bits that have been hiding in different parts of our greater society including the entertainment business.

Yeah, there’s just something about sexual abuse and sex trafficking that seems to be all the rage in the music and film business these days. Perhaps it’s because sex, drugs and rock and roll all go together, or that people will do just about anything to have their name in lights. What’s particularly interesting about the current wave of high profile musicians, directors, executives and others who have been called out for abuse of power is that quite a few of them have prominent Pluto in their natal chart, meaning that in this lifetime they are learning how to use power and have dealt with power being used for and against them. Keep in mind that Pluto doesn’t always have to be a negative force, people with personal planets tied to this planet are often able to rise to great heights due in part to their need to control their talents until they can dominate the field that they’re in. Some prominent Plutonians include Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Jackson and Beyonce Knowles just to name a few

In the news as of late there are a few Plutonians who are facing some measure of scrutiny for their alleged misuse of power including Harvey Weinstein, Les Moonves, Bryan Singer and of course Capricorn Sun singer, Robert Kelly.

Using astrology one can see that this is likely the beginning of a very difficult time for R. Kelly and many of the men listed above. The Eclipses alongside Saturn and Pluto’s movement through the sign of Capricorn will be setting limits and even possible incarceration to individuals who have abused their authority.


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