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Hop Cannon: Lagunitas and CannaCraft Reimagine Happy Hour



Hop Cannon by AbsoluteXtracts

Hop Cannon by AbsoluteXtracts

CannaCraft and Lagunitas Brewingneighbors in Sonoma county, share culture, manufacturing practices and a vision fusing hop terpenes and cannabis oil into one experience: SuperCritical Hop Blends. I’ve given up alcohol, though I love the flavor and quality of California microbrews, and SuperCritical redefined “having a beer after work” for me. Thus, they introduce their collaborative strain: Hop Cannon


Hop Cannon, one of two varieties of SuperCritical vape cartridges from CannaCraft’s subsidiary extraction company, AbsoluteXtracts, provides a way to recall hoppy aroma and taste without the effects of alcohol and a tummy full of drink. This clean, solvent-free oil blasted hints of IPA while elevating yet mellowing out my mood. I found the lowest of its three temperature settings especially flavorful.


Available At…

  1. Caliva: 1695 S 7th St, San Jose, CA 95112
  2. Berkeley Patients Group: 2366 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702
  3. Mercy Wellness of Cotati: 7950 Redwood Dr #8, Cotati, CA 94931


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