Editor’s Choice: Humble Flower Co., Self-Care Regimen Must-Haves!


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Humble Flower Co – Humboldt, CA

Humble Flower Co., a fun play on words for a cannabis company from Humboldt County, California, has created an array of natural, powerful cannabis topicals. Using all-natural and ethically-sourced ingredients, as well as recyclable packaging, their spa-quality products are  elegantly presented and packed with an impressive amount of cannabinoids. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, a relaxing soak in the tub, a soothing lotion or the perfect massage oil, Humble Flower Co. products are the ideal monthly, weekly, (and, in a perfect world, daily) self-care ritual.

Humble Flower Co.

Long day? Apply a little of the Pain Relief Salve to sore areas. The salve includes a 100mg CBD:50mg THC ratio, arnica extract and a nourishing blend of essential oils. While the salve is doing its job, run yourself a bath and unwind with the cannabis-infused Relaxing Bath Soak. Enjoy the skin-softening blend of soothing essential oils and minerals with a nice glass of wine or a pre-roll. Once you’ve stepped out of the bath, appreciate the lavender and rose aromatherapy experience. After drying, apply the Soothing Lotion. Their solvent-free cannabis extract lotion is another 100mg CBD:50mg THC ratio and leaves virtually no trace of a cannabis scent. Self-care is important. Hand the Healing Massage Oil to your beau and finish the night off right before getting some shut eye.

Pain Relief Salve

Size: 1 ounce

Testing info: 100mg CBD + 50mg THC

Effective. Reliable. Earthy.

Humble Flower Co. Pain Relief Salve
Relaxing Bath Soak

Size: 9 ounces

Testing info: 50mg CBD + 25mg THC

Luxurious. Relaxing. Comforting.

Humble Flower Co. Relaxing Bath Soak
Soothing Lotion (Comes in Unscented and Jasmine + Vanilla)

Size: 4 ounces

Testing info: 100mg CBD + 50mg THC

Discrete. Potent. Elegant.

Humble Flower Co. Soothing Lotion
Healing Massage Oil

Size: 2 ounces

Testing info: 50mg CBD + 25mg THC

Aromatic. Fast-absorbing. Sensual.

Humble Flower Co. Aromatic Massage Oil

Visit Humble Flower Co.’s website to find a list of all product ingredients and availability


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