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Hump Day High: How Cannabis Deepened My Spiritual Practice



Hump Day High: How Cannabis Deepened My Spiritual Practice


How Cannabis Deepened My Spiritual Practice

“As the medicine is handed to you, take a deep breath of the cacao and share your intention for the ceremony.”

I took a sip and tasted creamy, decadent hot chocolate with a bit of spice on the finish. “My intention tonight is to serve,” I said solemnly. Welcome to my first cacao ceremony. Since cacao isn’t really a psychedelic, and since this wasn’t actually ceremonial grade cacao, I decided to help the process along by eating half of a Tiki Killers 50mg edible about an hour before I left for the event. It worked—about 35 minutes into the ceremony, I was already feeling a full body buzz and warmth in my cheeks. I felt comfortable and safe, and then I started feeling more energetically open. By the end of the night, I was laying in my lovers arms, staring into his eyes, pulsing and quivering as the energy moved back and forth between us.

Okay look, I get it. Two years ago I would have been rolling my eyes and muttering something pejorative about hippies. Both my undergrad and graduate work were concentrated in philosophy—skepticism is pretty deeply ingrained.

And. I’ve had things happen in the last year that I cannot explain with logic or reason—other than possibly the placebo effect and even if that’s all it is, it still works right? I cannot explain how my best friend Arden knew that I had a lot of blockages around my throat and my voice from past trauma (I never told her details). I can’t explain why career opportunities started pouring in only a few days after we did a ritual to Mars when Mars went direct in June. I definitely can’t understand how I found my tarot deck that I was convinced was lost in the cross-country move three years ago. I looked for it several times over the last three years and only after the Mars ritual did it finally appear. More importantly, it appeared somewhere I’d looked previously. Coincidence? Possibly. Weird? For sure.

“My intention tonight is to serve.”

Cannabis seems to augment my intuitive abilities. What started out as self-care nights at Arden’s house with face masks, weed and maybe-pulling-a-tarot-card-for-fun-if-there’s-time has morphed into a full blown practice and Arden creating an LA-based coven of witches. Coven nights are the last Wednesday of every month. Now that I’m living in San Diego, we’re contemplating having a San Diego coven as well. We get together, those who partake in cannabis do so, and we light candles, burn incense, call in sacred space and set our intentions for the night. Sometimes there’s a guided meditation, other months we do a ritual that’s appropriate to the moon phase or planetary alignments. Afterward, we do tarot and oracle deck readings for each other.


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