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Hump Day High: Catching Up with the CannaSexual

Our Hump Day High writer, Ashley Manta (aka the CannaSexual) is back! Here’s what she’s been up to over the past few months-a whirlwind of workshops, panels, screen time with CNN, VICE and more!



Catching Up with the CannaSexual

Sometimes, I cannot believe that this is my life. You may be wondering where I’ve been the past few months. The answer is, EVERYWHERE. Let me catch you up on some of the things I’ve been up to, and give you some teasers of what to expect from me in 2018:

I’ve been traveling so much! In November, I was in New Orleans teaching at my friend Monique Darling’s Transformation Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators. After that, I flew to Iowa to be the keynote speaker for Sex Week at Cornell College. Next was Las Vegas for MJ Biz Con and I had the pleasure of attending DOPE’s Golden Ticket party. I was there with my friend Sarah Todd of 420Science, along with some of my favorites from the industry like Andrew Mieure, Alice Moon, Molly Peckler, Antuanette Gomez and Maureen McNamara. I didn’t even attend the actual conference, I was really there for the networking—and by that, I mean parties—and the DOPE party was top-notch!

Catching Up with the CannaSexual

In December I had a delightful mid-week trip to Palm Springs with my lover B to celebrate a relationship milestone, as well as relax and recuperate after all of the November travels. Unfortunately, I got super sick immediately afterward and spent the entirety of December fighting off bronchitis and pneumonia. I felt better just in time to travel to Denver for New Year’s Eve, where I was able to take part in the Puff, Pass, Paint and Cannabis Tours event that was filmed for CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live coverage with host Randi Kaye. It was put on by Heidi Keyes and Michael Eymer, and cannabis mocktails were served by none other than Andrew Mieure. It was in Denver that I learned that you get higher at high altitudes. It turns out the effects of a 35mg edible in SoCal are not the same as 35mg in Denver. That was intense!

January was trade show and award show month, so I was off to L.A. for the Adult Manufacturing Expo, then back the following week for the 2018 XBIZ Awards, hosted by my dear friend jessica drake. I was honored to be nominated for Sexpert of the Year along with some other fantastic educators, and although I did not win, it was truly a joy to attend as a nominee, escorted by none other than my dashing lover B. We even walked the red carpet with porn icon Nina Hartley! I ended the month in Las Vegas for the AVN expo and awards show. I taught a workshop with Dirty Lola on cannabis accessories and the adult retail space, and another panel moderated by Sherri Shaulis, where I spoke alongside La Terra McDaniels about using cannabis for intimacy and what the adult industry and the cannabis industry can learn from one another.

Catching Up with the CannaSexual

In February I flew to Denver to present at the Women Grow Leadership Summit with Antuanette Gomez—first a two-hour pre-conference workshop for the Market Leaders about cannabis and women’s sexuality, then a 50-minute talk where we shared our own experiences with sex and cannabis and took questions from the audience. I stayed in Denver for the weekend after the conference and teamed up with Maggie Murphy and Ashley Riley to host a consumption friendly workshop called “Love, Eroticism, and Enthusiastic Consent,” where attendees had the option of doing clothed Sybian (sex machine) rides to compare and contrast sensation pre and post consumption. Finally, just last week, VICELAND aired the “Stoned Sex” episode of their new TV show Slutever, hosted by Karley Sciortino, where I was the featured expert. A 5-minute clip of my interview from the episode was posted by VICE on Facebook and at last count, it had 1.5 million views.

What Is A Cannasexual?

Meet a cannasexual.

Posted by VICE on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The rest of 2018 is already looking excellent. I’m signed on for multiple Ganja Goddess Getaways throughout the year, and the first one is coming up in March in Coachella Valley. I’m planning a consumption-friendly luxury couples’ intimacy weekend in Sacramento for 4/20 weekend, where I’ll be facilitating and teaching with my lover B, alongside my friend and colleague Dr. Shameless. I’m also going to be creating lots more video content so even if you can’t make it to one of my events, you can still play along from home! Plus, you’ll find me here at DOPE, bringing you a glimpse into my life, intimate inspiration and interviews on Hump Day High!

Catching Up with the CannaSexual

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