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Hump Day High: Music to My Ears



Hump Day High: Music to My Ears

Originally, I’d planned to attend MJ Biz Con in Vegas last week. Due to unforeseen circumstances, life, and otherwise, I ended up not going. What happened instead was even better.

Once a month I host the four other witches of my San Diego coven at my house for a potluck dinner and witchy workings. Each of the members has their own unique talents for cuisine creation and when we come together, usually with no formal planning as to who is bringing what, it seems to end spectacularly well. After dinner we do a working of some kind, depending on astrology and moon phases and all that good stuff. This particular coven night was scheduled for Monday the November 14—the night of the Super Moon (in Taurus, if you’re curious).

Earlier in the day, my bestie Arden Leigh texted and asked if I could host three additional people at my house Monday and Tuesday night. We had plans Tuesday night to attend a show in San Diego where MXMS (the band from Arden’s dinner party) was opening for William Control. It turned out that Jeremy Dawson, Ariel Levitan and their friend Justin who does tech for MXMS needed a place to crash. I love hosting people so naturally my response was a “hell yes!” I invited my housemate to join us and suddenly I had six hours to plan a dinner party for ten people. The more the merrier right? Thank goodness for my housemate’s joint rolling skills. I was puffing on Gorilla Glue #4 all day long.

Incredibly, it went off even better than I had hoped. The coven impressed everyone with our culinary skills as one person brought homemade Miso soup, another brought a browned butter apple pie, and Arden made a fantastic vegan butternut squash risotto. I made caprese bites and grilled chicken. We ended the evening with some s’mores over the fire pit and hot tubbing. Excellent.

The next night, we were set to see MXMS open for William Control. It was a fantastic show. They’ll be touring together for the next few months so definitely see them if you can! MXMS enchanted us with Ariel’s sultry vocals and Jeremy’s impressive performance on the keyboard and bass. Then William Control came on and, wow. Such incredible stage presence. Imagine my surprise when William, during a pause between songs, says to the crowd that Jeremy told him about some witches’ house with a wall of dildos. It was all I could do to not jump up and down exclaiming, “That’s my house!” I was excited. It was my sex toy collection’s first stage shout-out and I couldn’t have been more proud.

After the show and after waiting for William to be finished greeting his eager fans, I suggested that the whole band come see the house and the dildo wall firsthand. Especially since MXMS was crashing again and they all had to leave early for a gig in Arizona the next day, it made sense for everyone to crash at my place.

So they did. The entire band, entourage and their tour bus and trailer made the trek to my house. We had a nice fire going in the pit and hung out and chatted, then I showed them the wall of dildos and my MotoBunny sex machine (none of which were used that night, so don’t get too excited), and then everyone went to sleep. An excellent way to end a wonderful night.

And that was just Monday and Tuesday! Stay tuned for more CannaSexual adventures.

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