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Hump Day High: Willie’s Reserve



Hump Day High: Willie's Reserve

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Imagine a world where true cannabis connoisseurs can light up like Willie. Authentic style. Pure premium product. The timeless toke.

This spring season, the cannabis community will welcome the arrival of potent flowers found within the new brand, Willie’s Reserve. The icon of cannabis has been plotting and planning in strategic steps, assuring the invention of a brand that promises to deliver what dreams are made of.

Willie Nelson is a trusted source. Throughout history, we have watched the country star fight for our right to party. One can tell that he truly cares for the cannabis community. From his consistent dedication to Farm Aid to leading the movement of personal toking freedom, his brand carries the elements that stand true to his nature.

We can expect nothing less than the best. Elizabeth Hogan, who has worked with Willie for two years on building the brand, explained his humble beginning to the business.

“It is something he took very seriously, whether and how to get involved in the business of cannabis when it began to be branded in California,” Hogan said. “When people started putting their names on pot as branding, Willie personally knew where he stood on the issue, which was fully supportive. He wanted to lend his voice to the effort. He wanted to have an influence.”

For the following years, the brand was carefully crafted to suit and portray Willie’s authentic self. The singer met with established partners in Colorado and Washington to grow the most premium plants possible. They created relationships with growers and producers, who in turn provided input on strains and products—products that met with Willie’s goals: pure, clean, pesticide-free strains that are available in a variety aimed to please a range of customers.

With a product in mind, Willie set out to build his brand.

“He worked very closely with producers and processors in the first states to go recreational, Colorado and Washington, and develop a high-quality supply chain that reflects the issues that he wanted to have a positive impact on,” Hogan said. “Willie chose to release his products in those two states because they were the first to go recreational. It made the most sense for the brand for a couple of reasons.

“Willie has always stood for that personal freedom, that sort of libertarian point of view,” Hogan said, explaining Willie’s choice for distributing in Colorado and Washington. “As adults, we have the right to this plant that exists on the Earth. It made sense for him to go where voters also said that made sense to them.”

Conducting thorough nationwide research led to analysis on where the brand should primarily be launched. Thankfully, they found that the industry and its customers believe in proper regulation, which includes Willie’s ideals of a clean and premium product. The group is confident that these trends will continue, from what they see in the results of their work in public opinion.

Building good business was also a top priority of Willie’s. Another top goal for him was to help the cannabis industry look at itself “through a lens of sustainability.”

“With Willie’s Reserve, everyone can expect variety in terms of proper pesticide-free cultivation methods and strains,” Hogan said. “What people will find is a very high standard level of quality in terms of what went into it and how the plant was treated and processed coming out.”

Private equity funding for Willie’s Reserve arrived in waves from Tuatara Capital and the final stages were completed during the fall of 2015. The company will begin distribution of products on shelves within dispensaries across Colorado and Washington in May or June, Hogan said.

The goal of the products’ packaging is to represent Willie’s relationship with cannabis. His extensive travels allowed for some mighty fine sampling of the nation’s best pot, grown by top producers.

“His stash has always been made up of the best,” Hogan said, speaking on what Willie promises to deliver. “He’s so funny when you ask him about his favorite strain. He says, ‘I claim them all.’ There are ways to become an expert on something. You can study a lot or practice a lot, and his expertise comes from practice!”

In the first launch of Willie’s Reserve line, consumers can expect beautiful flower and beautiful flower products like Ready Rolls. Willie is also a big fan of vape pens and cartridges, so that is part of the focus as well. In the end, the consumer will be able to toke through the eyes of Willie, appreciating his chosen chronics.

Throughout the next year, the company will be focusing on establishing proper operational methods with partners. Hopes are high for the brand’s growth potential.

“We really believe that with Willie’s involvement, we have some advantages that his fans will really appreciate,” Hogan said.

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