Hump Day High: Teaming up with Boogie Nights’ Nina Hartley

Teaming up with Boogie Nights’ Nina Hartley

Have you ever met someone and it just clicks? You instantly like each other and you wonder how you went your whole life not being friends before that moment? That’s how I felt when I met Nina Hartley. She is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful people I’ve ever known, not to mention hilarious and brilliant.

For those unfamiliar, Nina is one of the most iconic adult performers in history. She played William H. Macy’s wife in Boogie Nights and has won numerous awards for her performances over the course of her 30-plus-year career in the adult industry. She’s also a sexuality educator, which is how we met.

We’ve teamed up for some fun sex ed videos and have developed consent, communication, and negotiation workshops to teach at colleges together. Over the summer, we both presented at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Washington D.C. and had this absolutely adorable picture taken together.

But on November 9, she and I were nothing more than two additional bodies in the soaking tubs at a spa in Los Angeles. We’d made plans a couple months ago to do a spa day together but neither of us had a clue how badly we’d need it the day after the election. I was already most of the way through one of Harborside’s hybrid pre-rolls when she arrived and we quickly went inside to shower and soak. It was glorious. We spent the day bouncing between saunas and tubs, going back and forth between the warm tub and the cold plunge (she’s a braver woman than I, she went all the way into the cold water—I just went up to my thighs), and catching up on each other’s’ lives over delicious Korean food. I’m really grateful for my friendship with Nina because she’s so motivated and passionate and supportive.

If you’ve never gone to the spa when you’re high, you’re missing out. I felt like my body got so much more relaxed than it normally does at the spa, and that is saying something!

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