What Are They Smokin’?: Two Ways To Improve the NBA Offseason

Gordon Hayward, one of the biggest names on the free-agent market, announced that he’ll be joining the Celtics on a four-year max deal. The former Jazz star announced his departure from Utah on July 4th. Yep. That’s right. He did it on a national holiday. While normal people were enjoying Independence Day by hitting the beach, BBQing and smoking a little bit, the crazed NBA fans continued to maniacally smash refresh on Twitter to see where Hayward would land.

There’s little doubt that the NBA offseason captures the attention of even the casual fan every year. It’s like catching lightning in a bottle every July 1st. If only that lightning didn’t strike on the holiday weekend.

As many complain about their #FirstWorldProblems of having to pay attention to Twitter and prepare for #WOJBOMBS during their four-day weekend, the NBA could remedy this problem once and for all: completely overhaul the offseason calendar.

Don’t worry, NBA. I did it for you.

If we’re not touching the amount of regular season games (82 is way too much), then we can’t end the NBA season sooner than June.

Flip the NBA Draft and free agency on the calendar

If free agency started before the draft, it might inspire an even crazier offseason. Take the Celtics for example. If Boston knew they would land Hayward, would the Celtics still have traded the No. 1 pick to the 76ers? Would they have tried harder to get Paul George?

The Celtics, now with a stockpile of wings, might have been more inclined to draft a Markelle Fultz knowing that Boston had Hayward locked up.

The Jimmy Butler trade is an interesting conundrum as well. Would teams have offered more for Butler knowing where players like Chris Paul and George ended up?

Push back the NBA Draft to July 13

Now that the NBA Draft is after free agency, it’s time to move the Draft back for maximum anticipation.

Let’s take a page out of the NFL Draft and wring every last drop of drama out of the NBA news cycle. And the month of July is a notoriously boring month of sports. The week of July 13 is the MLB All-Star Game and the ESPYS. The NBA Draft would fit perfectly as the bridge between the NBA and NFL seasons.


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