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Interview with Miss Bliss: Deidra Bagdasarian and the Joy of Edibles



Interview with Miss Bliss: Deidra Bagdasarian and the Joy of Edibles 1

Deidra Bagdasarian is the Owner and Operator of Bliss Edibles, but you may know her as “Miss Bliss.” She’s the edibles professor at Oaksterdam University, and the Founder of the cannabis women’s retreat Ganja Goddess Getaway. And it doesn’t end there! She’s also a mother, wife, writer and all around awesome lady. Recently, I was able to chat with Deidra and get some insight into what brought her to where she is today. She told me about how cannabis changed her life for the better, and about her journey to becoming Miss Bliss.


Deidra Bagdasarian

DOPE Magazine (DM): So what got you started baking?

Deidra Bagdasarian (DB): Well I grew up in a family of bakers and caterers so I started baking at a really young age. I made cinnamon rolls when I was twelve; cookies when I was seven. I also grew up LDS and you go to a lot of potlucks. I would ask for the recipes of things that I liked. I even started my own cookbook where I would save all of my favorites.

DM: What was your first experience with cannabis?

DB: I actually never tried cannabis until I was in my twenties. What I found was that cannabis helped me with the depression I had struggled with for years. I had tried many things before that, including times where I had been on medication, and nothing had ever helped as much.

DM: Why did you choose to combine your love of baking with cannabis?

DB: Garren and I had just moved from Utah to Arizona, and I had no idea how to get pot in a new city. So I was literally googling “how to find cannabis” and NORML’s website popped up. They had their monthly meeting that night. As soon as I got there, I knew I had found my tribe. I had thought I was alone and to find this group of people that proved that I wasn’t, was magical. As soon as I told them what I had been using cannabis for, they said, “Oh you have to eat it!”

DM: I love that! What was the first edible you perfected?

DB: Actually the first edible I made is still a bestseller with Bliss: the vanilla mint chocolate cupcake. No one is afraid of a cupcake! I felt that the same people who would never smoke a joint or do a bong rip would feel less intimidated by edibles.


DM: What brought you to teach at Oaksterdam University? 

DB: We were selling our edibles at Coffeeshop Blue Sky, Oaksterdam’s dispensary, and the manager there was a big fan of our products. He recommended I meet Trish, the Lead Facilitator. When I met her, we clicked immediately. Funny enough, Trish is now my business partner for the Ganja Goddess Getaway!

DM: As the cannabis industry continues to expand and change do you think ‘formal’ marijuana education will become more prominent? 

DB: It will have to. Cannabis information is mostly relegated to fringe science and it needs to be mainstream. The discovery of the human endocannabinoid system is one of the most exciting discoveries in medical science – and even though it happened in the nineties, it’s still not even taught in medical school! Furthermore, reliable information about Cannabis is inconsistent, we have to fix that. Knowledge is power and the more the truth (the facts about Cannabis) get out there, the better for humanity.

DM: How do you see your future in education?

DB: Education is the catalyst for change, so I see myself as an educator first and foremost. I’m developing an edibles course for THC University right now, and always looking for places to spread this knowledge. My mission is to utilize any and every platform I can to speak the truth about this powerful, life-changing plant. I love educating!

DM: You have your own company, are the mother of two, run the Ganja Goddess Getaway and teach at Oaksterdam University! How do you find the time?

DB: Learn to spend your time doing what you really want. Turns out I don’t want to be sitting at home watching TV; I want to be running Bliss or the Ganja Goddess Getaway or spending time with my family. When you choose to spend your time well, and to truly be present, ten minutes can seem like an eternity. I value my time and I’ve learned how to get out of my own way, and once you do that amazing things start happening.


DM: So what’s in store for your future, and the future of Bliss?

DB: I want Bliss to be a huge brand, one that has a high standard of excellence. Our brand resonates especially I feel with women, and I want to run with that. Not a lot of brands are geared towards females, especially the “non-stoner” type. I want to ease as much suffering as I can and reach as many people as possible, so if Bliss needs to be that “safe” brand to do so, that’s what I want to do.


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