Jamaican Gelato: Set Yourself on Island Time


  • Test Results: 25.33% THC | .9% CBD
  • Tested By: Desert Valley Testing | desertvalleytesting.com
  • Twitter: @bloomdispensary
  • Website: bloomdispensary.com

Jamaican Gelato by Bloom

Jamaican Gelato (aka P. Rose) from Bloom is a sativa-dominant hybrid perfect for the holiday season. I open the glass jar, releasing a subtle, grassy aroma of earthy coffee mixed with notes of bright limes. Light and dark green leaves cover dense, firm buds bursting with frosty trichomes, mingled with hints of bluish-purple, all wrapped in a tangle of wild, fiery hairs.

Anticipation grips me as I inhale the first stream of smooth, creamy smoke. I don’t feel the effects right away, but a minute later I can sense myself begin to shift into Island Time. At first, I feel its heavy hybrid effects, followed soon by a sensation of being uplifted as my spirit and focus elevate to a new state of awareness. My muscles relax as the vibration ripples through my body, giving way to a calm euphoria and a surprising amount of energy. I feel social and talkative as I accept my new state of mind, fully confident I can take on whatever the world throws at me.

Jamaican Gelato by Bloom

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