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Jardín Premium Cannabis


  • Twitter: @JardinVegas
  • Website:
  • Address: 2900 E Desert Inn Rd #102 Las Vegas, NV 89121

Jardin Premium Cannabis – Las Vegas, NV

The Place

“Jardín” is Spanish for “garden,” which evokes the image of a lush, thriving environment offering a variety of greens. This notion is beautifully captured in Jardín’s organic, free-flowing layout, which is complemented by immaculate displays, a spacious, earth-toned show room, and in-house DJ. Whether you’re a first time customer or regular seeking anything from eye serum to CBD water, you’ll be well taken care of by a highly trained staff member eager to assist.

Jardin Premium Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV
Jardin Premium Cannabis – Las Vegas, NV

The Product

Sometimes the word “variety” just doesn’t cover it. If you’re struck with a unique cannabis craving, chances are Jardín has just what you need (and beyond). Between the 40-plus strains of high-quality flower from AMA to Shango, 100-plus concentrates and cartridges, and nearly 80 edibles scaling the spectrum from Cannabella’s dried kiwi to Brewbudz pods, you’re guaranteed a winning combination of products perfectly attuned to your desires. Looking to expedite your visit? Take advantage of Jardín’s Express Pickup feature—boasting a full menu and search function, ordering cannabis has never been easier!

Jardin Premium Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV

The People

When a cannabis shop runs as a well-oiled machine, you can be sure there’s an industry-groomed team of professionals working behind the scenes. Starting with a hospitable greeting from reception upon entering the building, your warm experience extends into the showroom, where you’re given the full attention of a profoundly knowledgeable budtender who will ensure you leave with a new favorite shop in mind. Consistent, commendable customer service in the shop as well as online (they have a live chat on their website), a diverse array of product, and incomparable commitment to the community shows Jardín holds itself to a standard that’s a cut above the rest.

Jardin Premium Cannabis - Las Vegas, NV
Jardin Premium Cannabis – Las Vegas, NV

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