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Jennifer Miles: Teaching Healing at Cannakula



Jennifer Miles: Teaching Healing at Cannakula

When I first met Jennifer Miles at a medicated event, there was something special about her I couldn’t quite place. Her soothing presence told me that she was a healer, but there was more. Once she explained Cannakula, the company she founded, my initial impression expanded into a trust that’s rare in profit-focused cannabis communities_— her company, isn’t about selling anything.

“It’s about connection, it’s about community. It’s about uplifting the community in a positive way,” says Miles, while talking at the Monorchid in downtown Phoenix, the site of her last Sunday Soul Service event. Kula, in Sanskrit, means community.

Miles, well-known for her quarterly-ish Sunday Soul Service events, which blend movement-based healing with best practices and cannabis- and/or hemp-infused medicinals. They are an example of what every cannabis community needs — someone to teach others how to heal themselves.

Having been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at 21, Miles knows that too much of any one kind of healing may not be effective.

“It can become a way to remove us from the present, or a crutch. It’s part of my cannabis journey to share that. I think this industry, as a whole, we overmedicate,” says Miles.

“It can become a way to remove us from the present, or a crutch. It’s part of my cannabis journey to share that. I think this industry, as a whole, we overmedicate.”

– Cannakula founder Jennifer Miles

Miles partners with local healers — currently Jenna Gully and Natalie Hewitt — to hold weekly Yoga Nidra events near downtown Phoenix and flow-based events with Walter Yoga in their Scottsdale studio. She understands healing as a holistic approach that allows people to see hidden parts of themselves.

“As a creative person, I knew that it let me explore that creativity in ways I wasn’t able to access,” says Miles, adding that Sunday Soul Service will be back in a different Phoenix-area location on June 23.

Miles’s next traveling event, Hemp Retreat, will be held in Palm Springs, CA from July 25-28. Dubbed “Hemp & Happiness: CBD For Well Being,” it will showcase Phoenix, Palm Springs, Los Angeles and San Francisco practitioners looking to manage health holistically.

Miles also works with Item 9 Labs and Curaleaf, providing meditation- and yoga-based classes open to the public. She has plans for an educational event series, with a psychologist, at the female-focused Hera Hub talking about hemp and cannabis for children in August. Her other future projects include a CBD-powered, feminine-focused event in November with Barre and Pilates instructor Alexa Bowen and is curating a series of events with Walter Yoga.


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