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Astrologer and Medium Jessica Lanyadoo’s Travel Advice

Astrologers and Psychic Mediums give people an alternate understanding of the world around them, and often even a sense of closure. They help cultivate greater insight for those who seek their talents. Jessica Lanyadoo is one such individual. Her gifts of mediumship and talents as an astrologer have gained her clients all over the world. “I am what would be called a ‘natural medium’ and a ‘natural psychic,’” she told us, “which is to say I have not had training. This all emerged pretty organically. I was an astrologer before I was a psychic or medium.” We reached out to get her insights into travel in the physical sense, travel as a mental state and even the fated travel into the afterlife.

Talking to Jessica was almost like reaching out to an old friend—I imagine that’s part of what makes her so good at her job. But for the skeptics out there, how does her gift even work? Jessica put it this way: “To say that I move between worlds sounds very fancy. It’s really not that fancy. I have the ability to perceive it. It’s like if you’re hanging out with somebody who has really good hearing, and they can hear everything the neighbor is saying, but you have really shitty hearing, so you don’t hear it. It’s just that I have excellent hearing.”

We quickly moved on from the “how” to get some travel insights from her perspective—someone who “sees” with more than her eyes. Jessica explained how energy shifts from one place to another. When she visited Florence, Italy, for instance, she insists “it was like a living nightmare.” Because of the history of the land, her visit was accompanied by splitting headaches and sickness.

“The whole trip was really avoiding historical sites most people spend their time going to, because there were all kinds of very difficult things that have happened in history that left energetic marks. I was just like, ‘Ahhh, I can’t enjoy this as much as I want to!’ I love Italy. I didn’t love being there, but I loved Italy.” In contrast, her travels to Fiji were “pure magic.”

If you’re planning a trip this summer and hope to renew the spirit and refresh the mind, here are Jessica’s top five location suggestions for a magical experience:


“The land there was…it was just really easy to be in my body. It was a very embodied place, and a very calm place. Outside of Nadi there are no cars, so there’s just boats and bikes, and that really does change the energy of the place. The human footprint and the infrastructure is really different than a place like Italy. It was a completely unique experience for me because it was the most different of all the places I’ve been to. If Fiji was a person, I would want to be in a serious, committed relationship with her.”


“I’m from Montreal, and I have mad love for Montreal, so I feel like if you haven’t been to Montreal—if you haven’t been to Canada—please go. Montreal is an amazing city.”


“In July in Newfoundland there’s a large concentration of whales, and you can go and swim with whales. I donned two wetsuits, and they drop you in the water where they think there’s a whale, and they go away. You wait until a whale comes and swims by you, and you wave for them to come back and pick you up. [But] if you’re a foodie, do not go to Newfoundland.”

Costa Rica

“This guy who was driving the boat was like, ‘If I play John Mayer, the dolphins are going to come, because it’s dolphin music.’ I’m thinking, ‘He does not even know what he’s saying.’ He starts playing John Mayer, and at the end of the first song a huge school of dolphins came, so we stopped the boat and jumped into the water and swam with dolphins while the musical stylings of John Mayer played in the background.”

A Desert

“I love, love, love the desert. The desert in California is pure magic. There is something very magical about the dryness of the landscape, but also the history of the land.”

I also got the chance to dig a bit deeper and ask a question many of us want to know: What has she learned from those who have traveled to the afterlife? “One thing I have learned is that if you want to take your bullshit with you, you can take your bullshit with you,” she laughs. “It’s not very romantic or idealistic, but if you die a dick and don’t work on healing, then you’ll be a dead dick.” She continued on, matter-of-factly: “People often suffer. Their bodies break down and die. It’s part of the human condition. Part of what I find really comforting is the knowledge that we do not take the pain of the body with us . . . That doesn’t mean that we are absolved of all pain and all of our bullshit, but we are free from the limitations and struggles of the body.”

One more huge plus of not taking the pain of the body with us when we die, according to Lanyadoo? “You don’t get your period when you’re dead. Hey, ladies!” But there’s also her belief that “you’re not supposed to know all things,” including what the afterlife is like. “Just because I have the Internet does not mean I can find the exact information I’m looking for. Doesn’t mean the information I’m looking for is something I know how to understand yet.”

If you find yourself ready to harness your own psychic power, Lanyadoo has some advice for you. “If you decide, ‘Yes, this is something I want to cultivate,’ or, ‘I have this gift, I need to use it so that it doesn’t use me’—the first place to start is to practice being grounded in your body.” Lanyadoo explained that much of the process is really basic things to keep you centered and able to healthily manage each new experience, like eating right and listening to your body when it tells you it needs something.

Sounds simple enough, but Lanyadoo warns otherwise: “Certain doors, once you open them— they are open. I don’t mean to be scary or ominous about it, but I do mean to say that it sounds so fancy and magical to talk to dead people, but dead people are people. Do you really wanna talk to people that you can’t see or can enter into your body, which is how a lot of mediums get information?”

To avoid any unwanted disturbances, Lanyadoo stresses that learning to be emotionally present is key: “Cultivate a greater emotional presence so that you can tolerate your own emotions, because when you don’t listen to your own emotions and can’t tell the difference between your own feelings and someone else’s feelings, you can’t make sense of the data you’re getting. It just like a jumble of overwhelming information that you don’t know what to do with.” The most important message Lanyadoo had for those newly cultivating their gifts is to have boundaries and take care of yourself, mind and body, when necessary. “You have to be able to say, ‘This is not chill for me anymore, no.’”

And for those of you thinking being a psychic or medium is like something out of the movie Ghost, sadly, that’s not the way it works. “I think a lot of times people think that mediumship comes with the voice of Morgan Freeman, distinctly not your voice, and it tells you ‘WTF,’ but it’s really not like that. A lot of this stuff happens on the subtle plane. It comes in feeling, so if you are grounded and present, you can receive that feeling.”

Do yourself a favor and follow Jessica Lanyadoo on Instagram; her meme game is strong and full of great insight. Follow her on Twitter for self-care tips and healthy dialogue, and check out her website for her weekly and monthly horoscopes, as well as her Sunday podcast.


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