When Life Gives You Joel’s Lemonade

…Roll It Up and Smoke It!


  • Test Results: 20.43% THC
  • Hybrid: Indica: 50% | Sativa: 50%
  • Tested By: Desert Valley Testing
  • Facebook: @releafaz
  • Instagram: @ponderosareleaf2.0
  • Website: puffpuffponderosa.com
  • Address: 9240 W Northern Ave #103 B Glendale, AZ 85305

Joel’s Lemonade by Ponderosa ReLeaf

Exclusively from Ponderosa ReLeaf, Joel’s Lemonade has deep roots in Lemon OG with crosses of Super Silver Haze, Lemon Skunk and Lemon Diesel, creating a uniquely pungent hybrid that delivers a lemon-packed punch.

Skunky aromas of sugary diesel and tangy citrus terpenes escape as I open the iconic turquoise container and pour out the frosty nugs. The OG genetics give the fluffy buds a beastly appearance, with wildfire hairs and sparkling trichomes. I take my first rip. Sweet relief spills into my mouth alongside flavors of cotton candy, jet fuel and bittersweet citrus. I instantly feel its potent effects as my cerebral light comes on; my perception shifts to a state of calm focus. Brighter than ever, I feel motivated and confident to take on the day without feeling hazy or tired. Hey Joel, lemme get that recipe!

Joel's Lemonade by Ponderosa ReLeaf
Joel’s Lemonade by Ponderosa ReLeaf

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