DOPE Interviews Joint Venture Flavors & Purple Monkey’s Wy Livingston

While there’s nothing wrong with the “old fashioned” methods of cannabis consumption, August is DOPE’s first tech month, providing the ideal platform for exploring inventive, fresh delivery systems for experiencing options that stray from the norm. We dug around, spoke with numerous research and development teams and have brought to the table a variety of unique ways that you can medicate, relax, unwind and find creative expression in 2018.

We spoke with Wy Livingston of Joint Venture Flavors and Purple Monkey to learn more about their products.

DOPE Magazine: How does the technology behind your delivery system of cannabis differ from products that are currently on the market?

Wy Livingston: There are numerous delivery systems utilized, depending on the type of edible/drinkable product. We chose to use a methodology which would leave the power of the antioxidants and flavor profiles intact. We specialize in loose leaf teas, coffees and drink condiments, which provide a superior taste to the consumer. We use a proprietary infusion process to deliver the boldness of the products without compromising flavor, taste or efficacy.

Did you look to other sectors for inspiration in the development of this technology?

We always look to the winners in the food and beverage categories to learn from their processes and the consumer look and feel of products. Having tasted and tested hundreds of products, it became obvious how we wanted to formulate our high-end, high-quality lifestyle formulations.

How many renditions of the product did you work through before finally settling on the product you’ve put on the market?

We went through over a dozen versions of our products before determining the first three teas and the two associated condiments, Honey Buzz™ and Canna Creamer™.

Joint Venture Flavors & Purple Monkey’s Wy Livingston

How did you know that you had landed on a product that was good enough to put in the hands of the consumer?

We tested our formulation over [a period of] 18 months, [with] over 400 focus group members and over 12 iterations. Since we are tea and coffee specialists, it was important that we didn’t just throw cannabis into tea, but rather integrate the two plants in a fashion that makes drinking the products a seamless experience.

What would you say to the consumer who is hesitant to try a new delivery method like yours?

I would obviously say try it. Our approach with the product configuration has been with both the novice and higher-dosing client in mind. If you just want a little something to take the edge off, try one of the 10mg teas by itself. If you need a higher experience, try the Monkey Mango™ or Strawberry Kiwi™ and maybe add the 10mg of Honey Buzz™for a 20mg experience. Or for a higher dosage, try the Earl Grey™, the Honey Buzz™ and the Canna Creamer™ together for a 30mg experience. Our product is meant to move with you through your moods, through your day and through your experiences.

How many months and/or years in the lab did it take to create this product?

It took a full two years to create the product, do the focus groups and participate in various industry opportunities to gain feedback relative to proper dosing, packaging and target marketing.

What does the team look like?

We license our products through Serovita, who own Keef Cola. Our team is their team, and we have a very symbiotic relationship. We do what we do best on the product development side, and they, in turn, do the same on manufacturing and distribution side. The team consists of individuals typically found in product development, beverage manufacturing, beverage distribution, marketing and sales.

Joint Venture Flavors & Purple Monkey’s Wy Livingston

Who is this product designed for?

This product is designed for beverage drinkers 21-70+. Tea is the second most consumed beverage on the planet, next to water. It has no demographic boundaries. Our product is a lifestyle product intended to extend the normal life cycle of a beverage drinker, from morning through evening. Why not start the morning with our Earl Grey™, hit the noontime with Strawberry Kiwi™ and end the night with soothing Monkey Mango™, a blend of fruit, botanical and South African Rooibos. We also designed this product for those way may not want to smoke or dab. It is for those who want the full body benefit and the taste, but those who also may want to indulge in a different way. We are the Discreet Way to Elevate™.

How did you apply current research in developing this technology?

Early on we used several food scientists from the non-cannabis food product development channels. It was important to us to use standardized models found in the food and beverage world as we modeled our products.

What’s next for your company?

We intend to provide a full range of drinkables with varying healthy ingredients and new flavors.

Any products on the horizon that you can share with our readership?

We could tell you, but we’d have to kill you…

No, seriously, we have some very exciting new products coming out soon. We believe we will set new standards in the industry.