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Josh D Farms: The Real OG Kush Story



Josh D Farms – Santa Barbara, CA

Josh Del Rosso founded Josh D Farms after he started growing OG Kush in 1996, and now he’s an OG specialist. His buddy Matt “Bubba” Berger brought OG to Los Angeles from a tight-knit group of friends in small-town Florida. In California, Del Rosso cultivated, harvested and fell in love with OG, shorthand for “original.” Though the strain was popular, building a brand was impossible before legalization.  When recreational cannabis legalized in Washington, Del Rosso moved up North with his wife, and when California legalized the family returned home. Josh D now cultivates in Santa Barbara, where Del Rosso manages a team of 93 proud employees. Legalization made venturing into light deprivation greenhouses possible. “We did indoor to hide,” revealed Del Rosso, “… though the sun has been a gift.”

The Culture

“Everyone in LA is on the quest to find the best,” says Del Rosso. Of course, OG Kush does not stand for Ocean Grown, nor Original Gangster: it simply means “original.” Varietal names are based on the area adopted and which of Del Rosso’s peers shared the cut. OG is a prevalent strain for breeders to cross. “You’ve got Girl Scout Cookies, and the entire Cookie line has OG,” says Del Rosso. “OG became part of [most] exotics and is the backbone to new genetics.” OG’s exceptional relieving effects on people yield positive results on those with severe, chronic conditions. “That’s OG Kush not letting us do anything but propagate, cultivate and continue to put lots of effort and focus on her.”

Josh D Farms - Santa Barbara, CAThe Product

Strong effects result mostly from potent cannabinoids, effective terpenes and clean tested flowers, not necessarily THC percentage. “[OG Kush] has [a] gas smell not easily identifiable by terpenes tested,” describes Del Rosso. “Smell, and it’s potent. It’s [pine cleaner] mixed with skunky gas.” Go-to OG source Josh D’s entire selection is OG varietals, hand trimmed and pesticide-free. Cultivars include ORyan OG, Dynasty OG, Josh D OG and Ice Cream Cake, and the farm constantly hunts for more phenotypes. “[OG is] a cornerstone of the genetic library of cannabis,” says Del Rosso. “Everybody should experience enjoying that flavor and sticky, resin covered flowers we have become addicted to.”

Josh D Farms - Santa Barbara, CA

“[OG is] a cornerstone of the genetic library of cannabis.”

– Josh D Farms Founder Josh Del Rosso



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