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Juicy Fruit by Skunk Feather



Juicy Fruit by Skunk Feather 2

Skunk Feather’s Solventless Juicy Fruit

Terepenes, Taste Buds – Come Alive

Test results: THC: 73.88% | CBD: 2.6% | CBN: 2.26% Tested by: SC Labs

Indica/Sativa:  Hybrid

Sourced from various strains, Skunk Feather uses plant-based terpenes matching the profile of the Juicy Fruit strain. Juicy Fruit is an Afghani (I) x Thai (S)and Thai cross making the most of the indica/sativa mix. Translucent, golden-tan in coloring, the “sap” texture is like caramel. The scent can be compared to fruity chewing gum, mimicking the Juicy Fruit profile. The intake starts with a slight gummy taste right before mixed fruits fade in, bursting into full fruit flavor and lasting a few seconds after release. So fruity my mouth watered—Juicy Fruit! Within a few moments come the effects, quickly elevating my mood, releasing tension and addressing heavy pain. I had an experience a few months ago and it helped end a nausea attack that lasted hours.


Full, fruity flavors that leave your mouth watering

Quick-hitting high that spreads throughout the body and mind

Great balance of mental elation and pain relief

Juicy Fruit by Skunk FeatherJuicy Fruit by Skunk Feather


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