Just Herb: High Mountain Cannabis North of Tahoe


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Just Herb – North Tahoe, CA

We met Sean, Founder of Just Herb, at one of his cultivation sites in Truckee, 5,817 feet above sea level. Just Herb, headquartered in the Bay Area, has two light-depravation greenhouses in Yuba County and a handful of indoor cultivation sites around Truckee. Working with a team of five, Just Herb focuses on small-batch, artisan cannabis. Sean’s background in sustainable agriculture pushes the company to find ways to reduce their ecological footprint.

Just Herb - North Tahoe, CA

Sean started Just Herb in 2016 and credits legalization for encouraging him to put down roots, so to speak. These roots are comfortably nestled in Grodan cubes with flex irrigation that delivers water in 10-15 second bursts throughout the day. “We save a lot of water by watering more with less,” Sean explains. Local permits allow Sean the legal space to build proper infrastructure and hone his process while waiting on state regulations. “With legalization, it’s not who’s there first but who’s still there three, five years later,” he shares.

When it’s time to harvest, Sean lets the plants go two to three days in complete darkness and one day without water; late stress causes cannabis to develop more flavorful terpenes, and a long, slow curing period brings out more terpenes. Using this process, Just Herb gets two to three harvests of high-quality, small-batch cannabis each year.

Just Herb - North Tahoe, CA

“I’m drawn to cannabis because it’s challenging,” says Sean. “Working with new strains, you’re always learning and growing. It never becomes a routine.” His current favorite is a pungent Golden Lemon strain, and he hopes that California’s recreational move will allow more room for genetic exploration. In the future, he hopes to work with wilder heritage strains that do best outdoors and untended. They may not be the most productive or beautiful buds, but will give cannabis connoisseurs something to seek out and appreciate.

Just Herb - North Tahoe, CA