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Kelly Guava Jelly: Modern Day Hippie Musings



Modern Day Hippie Musings Kelly Guava Jelly
Modern Day Hippie Musings Kelly Guava Jelly

Peacock feathers, a body suit, and a mischievous allure.

Writer Profile

High. My name is Kelly Guava Jelly (like Bob Marley said: “Rub it pon yuh belly”) and I am a DOPE dancehall hippie weirdo. Let me break it down for you.

What’s in that Jelly Jar?

DOPE: an educated, knowledgeable weed-smoking connoisseur of all things cannabis.

Dancehall: I’ve no shame when it comes to the reggae and dancehall game. You can find me in the club – turning around, sticking it out, and showing the world I have a…bubble butt, bu bu bubble butt.

Hippie: I was raised as a roving gypsy and born in a cabin my dad built with no running water or electricity by a midwife named Sperlin. I grew up amongst people with names like O’neer, Bearpaw, Windstorm, Buffalo, and Bluejay. My dad traded big bags of weed for conga drums and lived in a converted bus house.

Weirdo: Well, let’s just say this means I am anti-establishment, but I also think and talk about random and strange topics. I’m quirky and bizarre, but I think you will find me both entertaining and insightful.

Peruse this Muse

This modern day hippie doesn’t wear faux fur boots and fox ears to festivals (sorry kids!). Rather, I wrap myself in style with a bohemian and natural flare.

I am not a vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian. I do source my nourishments locally when I can, choose organic, free-range, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I feed my soul with good food.

Yes, my typical hippie choice of cannabis intake is a joint (they have natural filtration systems), but I also indulge in edibles and vape-penning from time to time.

I say no to synthetic man-made drugs and only consume that which is naturally found in the ground. I reject hormonal birth control, pesticides, invasive species, chemtrails, and any of the other ways the system is trying to oppress us. See what I mean by random?

Community and humanity come first for me. All we need is love for one another, and we need more of it. When I’m not writing for DOPE, you can find me working for an amazing Seattle nonprofit, volunteering with multiple other organizations, and running things as Co-President of the PTA of my son’s school.

Come Together Right Now

So, if you think a hippie is all about flower power and psychedelics – think again. We contemporary hippies fight the system in productive ways. I create the world I want to see everyday by surrounding myself with like-minded social justice warriors, teaching the youth unconventional wisdom, and spreading love.

And you can too. Turn off the TV, excuse yourself while you light your spliff, and take control of your reality and the energy that you put into the world.

With sticky fingers,

Your Guava Jelly



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