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This Piece Will Have The Wolves Howlin’



Kevin Murray, Big Z and GrampaFacets: A Collab for the Books

As the Art Issue approached, I knew we had to feature a piece from Oregon-based glass artist Kevin Murray. The decision was difficult, but I chose this gorgeous three-way collaboration by Kevin Murray, Big Z and GrampaFacets. All three of these artists are at the top of their game, so it’s a privilege to view a piece by this power trifecta. If you’re a glass enthusiast … you know what I mean.

The piece was completed in early June 2019 right before the DFO (Degenerate Flame Off) Family Reunion. It was crafted for the After Party Gallery Show that Murray participated in during the DFO weekend. It stands six and a half inches tall with a removable 14-10mm down stem and two-hole diffuser.  All three artists specialize in different components of glass blowing so you can imagine that a ton of collaboration and thought went into the execution of this piece. From Murray’s carefully crafted stringer work and GrampaFacets elegant cuts to Big Z’s rich fumed sections featuring encased opal chips, this piece is artistically worked and perfectly honed from top to bottom.

Kevin Murray, Big Z and GrampaFacets: A Collab for the Books

Those interested in purchasing the piece should contact Stash Box Gallery.


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