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200mg Key Lime Gum Drops



Key Lime Gum Drops by Sublime

Key Lime Gum Drops by Sublime

I tear open my bag of 200mg Key Lime Gum Drops from Sublime and pluck a bouncy, sugar-coated, individually wrapped, 20mg morsel from the package. It squishes between my fingers with a delightful texture as I drop it into my mouth. The sugar melts over my palate, giving way to the delicate gelatin beneath. The flavor packs an intensely balanced citrus punch with a very subtle cannabis note on the end.

I decide to enjoy another (‘cause why not) and wait. Only 20 minutes in and I can already feel the potent effects of Sublime’s Champagne Distillate radiating from my chest, humming through my circulatory system, spreading throughout my mind in warm waves of lapping euphoria. I forget about my neck pain as my muscles relax, releasing bottled-up tension. My mind is bathed in calming clarity as blissful confidence replaces my anxiety and stress. Although I feel tranquil, I’m not stuck in my seat.

Key Lime Gum Drops by Sublime

Available At…

  1. Curaleaf — Bell: 17201 N 19TH Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85023
  2. The Holistic Center: 21035 N Cave Creek Rd. C-5, Phoenix, AZ 85024
  3. Leaf Life: 1860 N Salk Dr. B1, Casa Grande, AZ 85122


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