The Kind Center in Hollywood: The Last of their Kind

The People

The Kind Center in Hollywood has built its foundation around the idea of family. Upholding this connection, one that patients in Los Angeles have become less and less familiar with, is what sets them apart as new dispensaries continue to pop up all over the city. With a warm “mom and pop” mentality, The Kind Center prides itself on curating an unparalleled experience for everyone that comes through their doors. Thanks to their rigorously trained and highly skilled budtenders, patients quickly become loyal to this shop’s caregiving approach.

The Kind Center Staff
The Kind Center Staff

The Place

Located directly on Cahuenga Blvd. off the 101 Hollywood, The Kind Center is the cannabis connoisseur’s club for all walks of life. Celebrities, influencers and tastemakers alike frequent this shop for the superior level of product and the all-around vibe that permeates from the shop and staff. The building once served as Janice Joplin’s recording studio and creative compound; The Kind Center has harnessed the energy she embedded within the walls, and it radiates with an intensity that simply doesn’t exist anymore.

The Product

The Kind Center’s stand-out feature is the high level of product that consistently lines the shelves. Each item goes through a substantially detailed litmus via the shop owners before being presented to consumers; quality control is always the most important step to TKC. Cali Kush Farms, the L.A.-based powerhouse cultivators, exclusive partnership with The Kind Center and have a grow on-site. Cali Kush has carved out its footprint in the industry as one of the biggest names in cultivation, and for obvious reasons—their product is easily some of the best you can get your hands on. The Kind Center also provides one of the most extensive CBD menus in Los Angeles, so all your bases are covered when it comes to what you need.

LOCATION: 1944 N Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90068 (323) 318-9053 | Facebook: @thekindcenter

Store Hours: Mon–Sun: 10am-8pm


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